Charlton Athletic (H) Tues 6th Nov, 7.45pm


Is he?


Appalled at what situation? Being top half?

We are a mid table squad. Anybody who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. In either direction. And that is much better than was predicted at the start of the season. Get a grip.


Yeah went off holding his thigh at half time


We have the absurd ability to change attack into defence with an unnerving simplicity


Our first shot on goal!!! (leads to a corner)

Cashed out my “less than 2.5 goals” with only 10% profit, but I can see this going 0-3 …


Descending the League in leaps and bounds, do you think our next two games will improve our situation?
We are 11th due to a decent start end of.


If that’s the case that’s probably why he wasn’t hung ho with two changes left.

If it’s not the case he’d already made a change.


Beat ya too it!! haha


Yeah we are. And?

Descending the table in leaps and bounds? We haven’t gone anywhere lol.


Down to 11th if Blackpool hang on to their 0-1 lead at Gillingham


We should all just spend our time trading insults instead of actually going to matches, perhaps eventually Bonser may take notice, but no, the faithful 3K will still turn up ensuring the Pension fund coffers are enabled


Oh ■■■■!!!


Everyone’s favourite scapegoat Ronan now coming on to complete tonight’s entertainment.


Yeah probably.

Weird that you didn’t post much during that good start. Yet here you are now. And I’m not the real fan.

Predicting play offs during that start was ridiculous. So is dooming and glooming now.


I was working.


Ferrier man of the match again!


He did have our solitary shot on target in the 88 minutes so far …


Ok! :+1:


Right. We need to play Kinsella at CDM. I like Osbourne but he’s not the player we had a couple of seasons ago. Something aint quite right with him. Kinsella offers the energy we need.

We need to play Ronan. We need to play Ismail. We need to play Morris. Your call now Keates.

We were ■■■■■■■ crap tonight.


We’ve imploded. Too much mucking around with systems and players and no longer the ‘surprise package’.

A tad deflated.