Charlton Athletic (H) Tues 6th Nov, 7.45pm


Well that was ■■■■■, again

I’m alarmed, no passion, no fight, no spirit and no enthusiasm.
Not one of our players looked remotely interested tonight.
Our full back don’t stop crosses - see the build up to their pen

Since guthrie has been here we have been awful at the centre of defence.
Dobson looks shattered and Osborne needs a permanent holiday.

Now the front 4 have such a lack of quality in terms of decision making, final ball and movement that we this team look like a middle to lower league 2 team.
With the possible exception of Martin who has quality but is clearly lacking in fitness - sort it out dean ! The home form in rubbish and the honeymoon period over, you can’t keep saying we need a reaction as you are not getting one.


Woeful performance. Worryingly so - we looked so far off the pace, and I don’t think Charlton will have an easier game all season - I never thought I’d say that about a Keates team.

I’m not too sure personnel is the issue, granted, we have some very average players that do some stupid things, but it’s simple stuff like roles and responsibilities that are lacking - wingers tracking back, forwards coming deep to collect, runs from midfield, not giving away stupid effin fouls, keeping the effin ball - discipline and rigour. All sadly lacking.

That’s what worries me - we seem to be playing a very unintelligent brand of football, diving in when not needed, standing still and watching, giving players space, we are not doing the simple things to make life hard for the opposition.

Keates needs to turn this around fast, cos we’ve got next to no quality in this squad after years of underinvestment, and bastardry gets you only so far before you start getting found out.


Sorry Saddlers for overseas supporters


Even the bastardry is gone.

All that’s left is Cook constantly shaking his head and Leahy digging players out to mask his own deficiencies.


Crap budget , weak squad … no surprises here.



I’d be shaking my head too


Halfway to 50pts and still 6 games left until we’re halfway through the season. 10pts off relegation and only 3pts off the play-offs.
We have a young inexperienced manager in charge of a relatively young and inexperienced team assembled with one of the lowest budgets in the league.

Did I get my hopes up after such a great start to the season? Yes, it was impossible not to get a bit carried away.
Have we been brought back down to Earth with a bump? Definitely.

We’ve hit a slump and all the weaknesses in the squad are plain to see, but (as someone already said) form is temporary. That goes for bad as well as good form. We’re in a slump but I’ve no doubt we’ll turn things around, get a few wins, and end the season without looking over our shoulder too much.
Not great expectations, but after last year and with this team, I’ll take that. Build on it and push on next year.

Fingers crossed there’s a few more surprises left in the year.




Was in the air last night for most of the game. Imagine my surprise when I landed to find that we had given away a penalty.

What the ■■■■ are we doing about this?


Did you get the memo? We are standing on the precipice of doom and should all be ■■■■■■■■ our pants because we might lose to Sunderland?


The whole team was absolutely dreadful last night, apart from Roberts and Devlin. Hasn’t stopped people still posting about the full backs though. It’s just an easy way out of analysing more favoured players at this point. Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moon light, don’t blame it on the good times, blame it on the full backs.

4-4-2 Isn’t the way. Neither is 4-3-3. Ferrier has done nothing to warrant his place of late. I’d drop him to the bench, play Cook up top, Ronan behind 2 wingers of any of Gordon, Morris, Zeli and Ginnelly. Doesn’t matter which ones, they are all as hot and cold as each other. Dobson and Kinsella in midfield until Edwards is fit. I’ve seen quite enough of Osbourne. Usual back four and keeper. We don’t have any other options (and therein lies the problem, and why it’s pointless moaning about it). 4-2-3-1


Going to put it out there, Ginnelly is crap absolutely zero end product… headless chicken


I think he works hard for the team and can beat a man. He also offers way more protection to his full back than any of the other wingers.

But you are right about his end product, it’s WAY below standard. What is the point of beating the man if you plough your cross into the first man every time. And his finishing is dreadful. It’s not even league standard for me. He missed key opportunities in the Shrewsbury game and the Doncaster game that could have easily swung the momentum our way and resulted in a win.


I think what I find most worrying right now is that we’re this far into the season and starting to tinker with formations and line-ups every match.

What was very refreshing earlier in the season was that, after a couple of seasons under a manager who never really seemed to know what he was trying to do in terms of style and formation, Keates came in, got people organised and played a solid system, consistently. To me, it felt like he had learned well under Mr Graydon. Now he suddenly seems to have abandoned that and people are talking about it being an undisciplined mess. I hope he can get back to some consistency in his management soon, I think he’d be more successful for it.


I agree it’s nice to not have to tinker, but 4-4-2 just isn’t working at the moment.


It is right that we look more disjointed now than at the start of the season when despite some last minute signings we looked disciplined and organised. It is since we started tinkering that the performances have worsened. I am reminded of Graydon’s first meeting with fans when he said that we would play 4-4-2 with minor adjustments along the way. He explained that at this level players needed to know how to play and that to keep changing systems would only confuse them.Perhaps he had a point.


Our midfield at present is a real problem. They give no cover for the defense and provide nothing for Ferrier and Cook. Dobson just hasn’t looked at the races for a good few weeks now. Whether it’s fatigue at playing the amount of games he has, he’s carrying a knock, or something else I don’t know. He’s possibly feeling a bit of pressure from the captaincy with Martin now coming in.

It doesn’t help that Osbourne has provided little or no support to him and again proved that he’s not capable of playing in a two man midfield. Ironically, the player who is furthest down the pecking order (Kinsella) was our best player last night when he came on, simply because he’s mobile enough to get around the pitch and puts himself about. If he’s not in the side on Saturday then he’s clearly not fancied.


We had players last night that weren’t even prepared to take the ball from our own throw-in. The 70 odd quid I spend taking my two lads every week will be used to top-up my pension on Saturday. None of the six die hards ( of thirty plus years) that I sit with every week will be there on Saturday either.


Yep continuously beats his man then can’t pick a cross , hardly suprising Cooke gets so angry. It must be really frustrating when your a striker.


Totally agree, I also witnessed the complete lack of effort of our players to recieve the throw ins, completely different to Charltons players, every throw-in, they had at least two options looking to receive the ball.

As with Burton on Saturday, their midfield completely over-ran and out passed ours very comfortably, they supported their front two well and also covered their back three.

I have to say the Polish guy we never saw last season had a very good game as did his fellow two centre halfs, they were very well marshalled by the experienced Jason Pierce too. The left sided CH was an absolute beast who also had a very sweet left foot.

You can make that three more season ticket holders who wont be at Saturdays cup game against Coventry, after witnessing last night and Saturdays awful performances.

With three thousand plus Cov fans making the trip, we will be vastly outnumbered this weekend, which will be very embarassing.


Ginnelly is only in the team as you say because he offers better protection for Leahy who is a bang average defender. Maybe Keates should look at getting in a better left back and playing leahy ahead of him