Charlton Athletic (H) Tues 6th Nov, 7.45pm


Or playing three at the back with wide midfielders/wing backs. I really think Leahy would shine in that position with less defensive responsibility.

Barry Douglas is a bang average defender but he looked great in last seasons Wolves team because of his delivery and his passing range. I see the same in Leahy if we can get the formation right.


It wasn’t lack of effort simply a lack of confidence. They didn’t want the ball and when they got it they gave it away. This is what happens when a young and inexperienced side loses a few matches. I shall be there on Saturday giving these lads my support as usual. We must also remember that Dobson who is off form at the moment is only 20 and is carrying the whole of the midfield in the absence of more senior players.


Not sure what was expected…guy’s been playing non league last two years.

Had a good start to the season but they all did mostly playing teams now in or close to the relegation zone.


No expectations from me, I wouldn’t of signed him. He was poor first time around.


Development. Being a non league player is no excuse.

He hasn’t been poor, in fact I think he’s been ok. But it gets frustrating when he continuously does the same thing and make the same errors.


One piece of good news from Dean’s post match interview is that Joe Edwards is back in full training and will be back soon…lets hope he rediscover his form of last season quickly.


We need Edwards back, desperately.


Think we’ve lost (at home) to all the teams I expect to, plus Doncaster & Accrington, who are actually much better this term, so are we not exactly where our squad should be based on its current make up?

Not been impressed with Keates selections & game management of late, and I wonder how many ST holders will duck the Coventry game, like myself and the other few I go with, lumping a little more pressure on.

Enjoying how our fullbacks are more divisive than Trump, Brexit and Marmite put together.

Must say, Devlin mis-controlling the ball out for a Charlton throw-in at the end of 5 dire lacklustre minutes of injury time had me giggling all the way out of the stadium #apathyisback


Looks like quite a few will give it a miss, there are three ST holders here, who won’t be going.

I think someone else posted earlier in this thread saying at least another six of them were not going.

As of this lunchtime according to Coventry Telegraph, we have sold 3,822 tickets so far, of which Coventry have sold 2,539 and fully expect to sell their remaining 400 or so.

So only 1,283 home tickets sold, so its looking like there will be far more away fans than us.


On a positive note, there were a few comedy gold moments from the Super Saddlers.
As well as the Devlin mis-step, there was also the Ferrier/Leahy excuse-me when we had almost managed a meaningful attack.
My personal favourite was the Leahy attempt at a quick free-kick, where he somehow contrived to put the ball out of play and also earn himself a yellow card.


Just a slightly tongue in cheek nod to all those proudly announcing they’re not going on Saturday, and that is of course entirely a matter of choice. We all have to pick and choose games for a variety of reasons, and Walsall having a crap run of form for a few weeks is obviously reason to announce on social media that lines have been crossed and enough is enough. I mean if it was Wolves fans doing it we wouldn’t laugh at them, merely empathise, right?

Just wonder in the unlikely event, (seemingly one in million chance according to many), that we win a couple of cup ties and get a plum draw in round 3, (or even 4 or 5), I presume none of these season ticket holders will be using their “status” to get first dibs on the tickets?:smirk:


Yes I have to question what certain fans were expecting and what it would take for them to have brought tickets in the first place considering we are relegation favourites in the top half with a squad that on the whole have punched above their weight with no lack of effort (Last night and the Burton game accepted) to be so outraged they are turning their back in disgust.

I’d hazard a guess that it would have taken something unrealistically impressive for them to buy tickets in the first place if that’s the case…


The other point is of course, plenty of discussion about the lack of atmosphere, and that admission should be £15 and £5, and yet when the club do it and there’s 3,000 away fans - hence a great opportunity to get in cheaply and create a cracking atmosphere…ours potentially don’t turn up! Perfect opportunity for the club to shrug its metaphorical shoulders at the suggestion that lowering ticket prices and doing stuff to improve the atmosphere would encourage more casual support. Especially as on Saturday the game is one of only two 3pm kick-offs in the area, and Wolves arn’t even playing.


Two good posts there . For a “supporter” to come on here and proudly proclaim they are not going to a match and bragging that the “away” team will have more fans is bizarre to say the least.Especially when the club has cut the price of tickets and the team needs them as they struggle with a loss of form. As I stated earlier I will be there and I hope the majority of our Season Ticket holders will do the same.


I shall be there and am bringing my son and eldest grandson who are up from Herefordshire, despite the fact that our form has been indifferent at home of late. Football being a funny old game I fully expect the Saddlers to win!


I do find it funny how all supporters see different games.
I like the back 4, including Devlin and Leahy
Osbourne and Dobson are becoming the weak links, Dobson 2 penalties and countless passes to opposition.
I would start with Ronan and Kinsella


On merit, I agree. But they would be far too lightweight to play together.


There was even a guy on the E and S video thing saying last night was the worst performance he’d seen in 65 years!! I mean forget the two seasons between 1953 and 1955 when we won a grand total of 19 league games and had to apply for re-election to the football league, the 15 game losing streak in 88/89, the Sibley, Barnwell, and Hibbitt era’s. That wonderful season under Merson and Broadhurst, nothing in any of those many hundreds of games came close to last night…apparently. :joy:


It’s not even the worst performance I’ve seen this week :rofl:


The midfield is the main problem as most of us have posted on here, they’re not winning their battles, they’re not creating, they’re not defending etc … if we believe joe Edwards is gonna be the saviour then remember Sammy Mantom after his injury, player of the year then crap on return ??? Joe is going to have to ease his way back into it slowly he won’t be able to carry us like he did most of last season.