Chelsea u21 (H) EFL Trophy, Tues 29th Sept, 7pm

I understand that. How slow is your wifi though?

I have a TP-Link ArcherVR400 modem router which according to the manufacturer gives 867Mbps at 5GHz and 300Mbps at 2.4GHz but it varies a lot depending where you are in the house.
The router is located at the phone line input to the house in the lounge. I watch the footie in the office on my pc and there is a big fall off in reception. Thats why I use an ethernet cable. (It’s also much more secure with triple shielding)

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What’s the actual prize money for winning this competition? And actually winning tonight’s game? I can see more clubs taking this seriously now given it’s a relatively simple path to Wembley if you play your strongest team in most rounds.

Final in late March/early April so can only hope some fans will be allowed in Wembley aswell by then.

Given the amount of premier league B teams polluting it now I’d actually like the premier league to chip in and raise the prize money by 50% for games against b teams e.g. Walsall get 40k instead of I presume 20k for winning the game tonight so would be more incentive. Imagine the scrum to win it if the team that lifts the paint pot gets 1m as the financial reward.

Those of us living abroad, ifollow is a lifeline for watching live matches.
Could the coverage be better? Yes. Would I like more camera angles? Of course, but to be able to view games home and away from 5000 miles away, with great reception (by the way) is terrific.


Well said sir…I have just paid my £10 to watch it tonight from Walsall!!!

Don’t forget that kick off tonight is 7pm (not the usual 7:45). Would be a pity if anyone bought an iFollow pass and then missed half the game!

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Thanks for that Andy…I will have to tune in after the KO as we are going out for a meal tonight!

Why? it happens to me most games :joy:


Don’t want to speak too soon, but tonight I do have a picture! Will it last for the full game though … ?

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I just got the email from the club containing the matchday program. But when I click on the link it says I need access to a google drive.
Anyone else having this problem?

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Same here.

Trying to purchase the match tonight, but every time I click on the link, it jumps to my information page.
Everything is correct on there and shows my purchase history for 3 other matches this season, so I know it should work.
I’ve logged out and back in, tried on laptop, iPad and phone. The same thing is happening every time.

Any one with any ideas how to sort it out or the same happening to them?

I’ve got same problem trying to access the matchday programme.

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I had to use Microsoft edge last time because ifollow doesn’t like Google chrome

I use Firefox browser and had no problems with the last programme

I use Firefox too, I don’t think the club have set the link up correctly.


Yep got a picture, teams warming up so it is an issue with chrome.

Anyone wanting to donate the cost of a pie and a pint is welcome to

Six changes for tonight.

Norman Scarr Sadler Nurse
Osadebe Guthrie Bates
Nolan McDonald

Payday tomorrow mate definitely be making a contribution.

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