Chris Nicholl collection

Massive thank you to all the Sadler fans in the railway pre the Salford game. Who had a bucket collection to go towards the gaffers Memorial fund

£235 was collected. And this will be added to everything what’s raised on the day of our Chris, Nicholl, trophy, semi-final Against white and Luckman this coming Sunday

More and more, saddlers. packing the railway out every. home game And it’s down to you guys and your continued support. Which. enables us to do what we do in the community. And also. what we are planning to do this coming Sunday for Chris

I. Will be attending the gaffers. Funeral in Southampton a week on Friday. And will handover to the Nicholl family everything that’s been collected From. The planned Memorial Day

They are then. going to use it towards a fitting memorial in the gaffers honour and. it will be even more Special, knowing that Sadler fans have contributed in some small way as a thank you. For what he gave us.

Once again, thank you to all in attendance and as you can see from the plans currently. On show in the club That the new club house. When built liater this year. Will be very much wfc. Themed. And a much bigger and better facility for your pre match. Meet ups

Will repeat what I always say and that is as a fan base, we may be small numbers, but are huge in heart and 2nd to none