Chris Nicholl GoFundMe

Sadly Chris Nicholl was robbed of his tracker watch on Saturday.

As many of you will know; Chris is suffering with dementia and this watch allows alerts to be sent when he leaves “safe zones” or to track him. It also helps Chris to call someone should he need help or assistance.

Funds that had been raised to buy Chris new golf gear have now been used to buy Chris a new watch.

Walsall fans are aiming to raise some more money so that new golf gear can be bought for Chris.

Any additional money raised will be given to Chris to help him during these testing times.


Heard yesterday. Hope it tracked the b******* who nicked it

…And they make it public knowledge who he is as i’m sure he will get to know a few Walsall fans he never knew before …

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Utter scumbags,

Issa in conjunction with ex players, have ordered and paid for a replacement dementia watch for Chris,

We had set aside funds to kit him out with all new golfing gear. But upon what’s happened we re directed said funds to pay for the new watch as that was now a priority

The go fund me set up by Issa and Kev, paddock will now fund. Getting him kitted out with new golf attire

We have also had a fan who has. Purchased a pair of golfing shoes to be. Added to. He new gear we get him

In a time when some a struggling financially themselves , our fans once again prove, they are a class apart, Rallying to the cause. To help Chris in his hour of need

Issa will be taking him his replacement watch in the next few days, And we will continue to support. Chris to the best of our abilities, working alongside his family. And official departments we aim to provide Chris with all the help and support he needs as he battles such a cruel disease.

We thank everyone who has donated to the funding page, and everyone who offered there help over the weekend. After Chris was robbed of his watch

We also thank many ex players who have gone above and beyond to help there ex gaffer

Walsall fc. Fans and. ex players all coming together as one to look out for one of our own. Walsall fc at its finest on show here