Chris Nicholll family praise saddler fans

From the Nicholl family;
We are soo touched and humbled by how incredibly generous all of ISSA fans have been, prior to but especially through this traumatic time with the theft of dads invaluable dementia watch.
Not just the many donations from ISSA and villa/saints fans, but also the floods of lovely, kind comments on all of these posts. It has blown our minds how well dad is supported in Walsall. He is exactly where he wants to be and I can fully understand now why, you all look after him like he’s your family. I have a lump in my throat writing this!
You have proved time and again that he is one of your own. The Nicholl family cannot thank you enough for all your kindness and whilst he doesn’t realise it, he really does need all of the support, as his alzheimers progresses. We know it is making him quite vulnerable, despite him being over 6ft. Thankfully Dad is absolutely fine after the robbery and we are so grateful that he wasn’t hurt. Thanks soo much again :heart:


Brilliant mate lovely to hear.

You can be amazing or ■■■■ on the pitch, it matters not really, this is the stuff that makes a proper club.