Chris Nicholll night

As some may be aware I have organised a night in honour of Chris Nicholll next Friday. 22 nd November at the railway club

Funds raised on the night will go towards providing a Christmas party. For Chris and his fellow residents at the sheltered living accommodation where he currently reside,s, I am hopeful of raising enough funds to also purchase some bits and pieces to make those at the homes life a little easier

Walsall fc have provided me with a signed shirt to be auctioned of, I have started the bidding of myself with an opening bid at £70 so if any one wants to have a bid on it please do so, on here

I also have a few tickets available for the event priced at £5. , So if anyone fancies it please contact me. And you would be helping a great cause as well as having a good night in the company of the big guy himself,

Chris is very much looking forward to it and we hope as many saddler fans as possible will come along and offer there support


Is there any other way of contributing - a just giving page or something like that?

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You can if wish make a cheque payable to
Independent saddlers supporters association
The money would then be added to the totals raised on the night

More than happy to make a donation.

PM me the address to send a cheque to. Cheers.

Anyone who does wish to donate via a cheque

The address to send them to is

Independent saddlers supporters association
236 Wolverhampton road. Birchills
Walsall Ws28RQ

Please include a return address where a thank you and confirmation of your donation can be sent back to

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Love Chris Nicholl (unfortunately for whoever has printed the tickets that’s how you spell his name), his achievements with us for some reason never seem to get as much recognition as others. He always spoke well and seemed to manage with a smile on his face, best of luck with the evening. Always remember his goal against Everton for Villa in the cup final replay in the 70’s, what a goal.

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A really great cause. I am interested in bidding for the shirt, I will bid £150

You’d better message @Dhforever to get your bid in formally!

Sure, will do.

Shirt pictured is the one being auctioned

A Just Giving page would certainly maximise donations.

Understand where you are coming from , but we always do it this way mate, But. Each event we do is getting bigger so. Will look into your suggestion for future events , To late for this one as it is next Friday, but as said if any one wants to send a donation by cheque. Or direct bank transfer. They can do

Just to let everyone know myvodwalsall. Offered a bid of £200. On a buy it now basis , and after consulting my fellow comitee members. His bid has been accepted, , and it has now been withdrawn from auction
On behalf of the independent saddlers supporters association, we would take this opportunity to thank myvodwalsall for his amazing show of generosity, and. The money will go a long way to helping Chris and his fellow residents.


Top effort @MyvodWalsall


A fantastic gesture exile Walsall fans never cease to amaze me when it comes to helping there own

We may be small in numbers but are huge in heart. And it’s gestures such as this that make you proud to be a saddler

Today. Was invited up to training ground where the players signed one of our retro shirts,
Darrell Clarke. Invited myself and another Issa comitee member to go and meet and breakfast with squad whilst there awaiting shirt to be signed
As we where leaving Darrell called us back and asked us to return, next Friday as he his staff and playing squad , wanted to make a financial donation to the Chris Nicholll night , this was not requested but offered by the management and playing squad , so total respect to all of them for such a gesture

Again this shirt is a total one of a reproduction of one of our most iconic shirts signed by this years swuad, and a fantastic piece of memrobillia for any collector, Anyone wanting to bid on shirt please get in touch, It will also be signed by Chris Nicholll who is Issas guest at the railway club tomorrow


Superb work all round. Often see Chris Nicholl around Bloxwich.

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