Clarke Out

Shall I start it? Ok already did.

Tactically clueless, players by and large are ■■■■, constantly changing the starting eleven means there is no continuity and players cannot get an understanding between them.

And the ‘football is ■■■■■■■ shocking’

P.s on a plus side it was good to speak to Chris Nicholl and see him looking so well


I have backed him till now and i feel his tinkering and arrogance has head ■■■■■■ the players and the mood now is like last years failure

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Aye much point really… playoffs are gone. Probably wont go down. May as well run a few months of his cotract down rather than pay him AND someone else.


He bought many of the current dross in, let him sort em out (and hopefully ship some of em out…)

He’s created this problem for himself with his bolshy approach to fans after matches and its now gonna bit him on the arse big time coz he can’t back any of it up…


No point. I’ve not rated a lot of him this spell, but, weirdly, he’s not worth the payout. We need every penny to sort the squad out he’s assembled.

He clearly has the ability to get it right he’s just failed pretty spectacularly this year. If he continues with the way he’s going there will be no way back though.


What do you mean by bolshy attitude towards fans after matches?

He’s lost the plot.
I have not seen us play well any time this season.
The football is ■■■■.
The quality has been lacking since he came and I blame that on his recruitment, however he is probably hamstrung with budgets.
I’m not sure I would trust him with any money though


What’s the point? Might aswell just stroll to 16th and try again next season.

He’s lost the plot but we can’t afford to pay him off


As much as at the time I thought he was a decent appointment, the one thing I questioned right from the get go was the 3yr deal. How many managers at our level get appointed on one of those?! Very, very few. The risk of that deal has backfired on the club the last two times, you’d think they’d learn seeing as the business aim of the board is to try and be as ‘sensible‘ with money as possible. Pay offs for the last two have defo hamstrung us, and doing the same to Clarke so soon into this 3yr deal would worsen it further.

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I am genuinely perplexed by Clarke, to the point I just don’t know anymore.

He won’t disclose information about injuries in case it gives the opposition an advantage but is more than happy to lay out for all to see the budget we have?

He has talked enough about coaching badges and previous promotions to promote his own brand. How many times has he made changes at half time or within 8 minutes of the start of the 2nd half like he did today (throw in changes in the 1st half such as those against Darlington)? This just strikes me as someone constantly making mistakes in team selections or not doing his homework properly!

We lack quality, fair enough, but you can sometimes get some success by just being well drilled and hard to beat. We aren’t and that comes down to coaching and management.

His school report at present would state “must do better”.


I worry cos I don’t see the intelligence needed in a manager.

For example, take tonight’s interview; he bemoans the fact we’ve conceded from a set piece, but you can hear where is frustration is - it’s in the defending of the set piece. It’s not in the fact we’ve conceded a sloppy foul in a dangerous area.

Football, by and large, is a percentages game. If you give away 0 fouls in dangerous areas, then your chances of conceding from set pieces reduces drastically, just like if you put 10 crosses in towards your striker, your chances of scoring increase. From Clarke’s interview tonight, I don’t think Clarke gets that.


Similarly, if you keep giving away fouls in dangerous areas, you WILL eventually concede.

That’s what “playing the percentages” means. You maximise your chances of keeping a clean sheet.


Get rid. Paying him off will be worth it in the long run.

Some people talk about a ‘work in progress’. Trouble is, there is no progress. Losing to Morecambe, at home, shows exactly how far we have ‘progressed’.


But we can’t afford to pay him off. He has just two & half years left on his deal I think

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Too ‘clever’ for his own good.
And can’t spot a player.

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Bin him off, the clueless twonk.

Gives it all the talk (that fools the easily pleased) but gets nowhere near walking the walk.

He’s a charlatan who lives on the high reputation he gives himself.

You’ve been found out mate. Yowm a busted flush fella. Jog on!


It’s irrelevant because as I understand it we can’t afford to sack him but can anyone find a reason for him to stay. Genuine question here Based on his time with us What are his good points?

Too tired of it all to even think about sacking him. Even if we do the circle will start again, same problems… wears you down.


Folks keep saying we can’t afford to pay managers off, but if our wages are to believed why would it be a problem? For some reason that I’m not quite sure of myself I’m still in favour of keeping DC, but I did say on the match thread before the game that I thought tonight was a big game for him, as I feared defeat would be a watershead. Looking at the Feb fixtures he’s got a job on his hands, lets see what he’s made of as Walsall manager with things going against him, nevermind Bristol Rovers or Salisbury. Go on DC, lets see what you’ve got, and if you come through it fair play to you.

We aren’t going up and we aren’t going down so let’s not waste more money on paying off the long contracts of him and his staff. Let’s build a platform for next season, give him the summer to strengthen us and learn from his mistakes but then we must go into next season doing better than we currently are and all talking about how much we can’t compete must stop too as his constant negativity turns into defeats. And then if you don’t like that Darrell, well you know where the door is.