Club Launch Membership Scheme

For me that is very expensive for what you get
Especially without more information on what a supporters bar including price on the day and managers forum is

Trying something new which is a positive however the cynic in me says the execution will let it down. We shall see…

Would have been good if membership also included access to a priority lane to skip the traffic lights on Broadway, oversight of non-redacted board minutes and a meet and greet with Osei Yaw but can’t have everything I suppose.


Optional cooking time on the sausage rolls could swing it for me

A good thing in my view. I will automatically become a Member as a season ticket holder but for those who don’t want to have a season ticket I think this is a good deal especially when the supporters club is open.


I’m a fan of this , making a few quid whilst bringing the fans closer to the club.

I hope the club read this message, because it’s what most of us want.


We’re ST holders so becomes automatic, if they attract another 500 it’s 15k extra they never had, can’t be too expensive to get it off the ground so it’s a win win for the club.
Either way it’s gonna be met with both encouragement and criticism but at least they’re trying new things.


As someone said Saddlers club used to be two quid many moons ago so doubt it will be less that’s 23 league games with no cup runs as per usual would be £46

But agree until exact facts come out it’s all speculation but could be a better deal than you think if you want to use the club and dependent on entry charges


Great idea. Not being a ST holder this year I might take this up.

One thing I think it shows is that ST’s could be down, this is an afterthought to ST’s going out otherwise they’d have advertised this at the time.

Could be wrong but that’s what I take from it, nevertheless, good idea and as others said, step in the right direction.


I’m not so sure about it being a new thing - didn’t we have a membership scheme a few years back? Might only have been for access to what is now the Mick Kearns Community Hub bar behind the Poundland lower, but I vaguely remember something.

ST holders used to get discounts in the club shop too (was it all purchases or a limited amount of vouchers?)

But anything that helps fans feel more connected to the club is worth a try.

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I agree - thing is at £5.50 a pint next season i’m wondering how busy they will be

Yeah why would you just pay 30 quid for this?

Each to their own but I don’t see anything other than access to bars.

Not quite sure about ‘Free entrance to supporters’ club on matchday/access to supporters’ club on matchday’

  • what’s the difference between ‘Free entrance …’ and ‘access…’ ?
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Presumably it means there will be times/games when it becomes members only.

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Commenting seriously, it’s good that this is being tried. However, as a lapsed ST holder, it doesn’t really attract me as there’s no way personally that it would represent value for money as I don’t drink in the ground, preferring local real ale pubs on the few occasions I drink pre game each season. If the club really want to cone up with a match day pub culture, they need to think about offering a discount per pint as Warwickshire do.
Can’t see many memberships being taken up tbh. 500 is a fantasy imo.


I’ve never ever missed a Walsall game I wanted to go to and I’ve never been a St holder. That includes the really big stuff eg Wolves away. First away match in the championship. Who could forget that. Not bad value I suppose if it includes entry to the saddlers club. But hey don’t you need to start the refurb. Maybe another skip will shortly arrive to demonstrate progress :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah I want to see progress on that before committing to anything to do with it.

Yes, definitely. The club have listened to us again but we still have the people grumbling about it.



I think people are giving their opinion. I think it’s a good idea, but I understand not every single fan will see its benefits or feel that it benefits them. Learn to understand that.

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Until we draw somebody decent in the cup and people whinge they can’t get tickets.


Yeah. Pointless tbh launching this with no progress on the saddlers club. Can’t think many no ST holders would spend 30 quid at this stage