Club Launch Membership Scheme


Well done to the club


As far as I can see, it gives you some pin badges, a pen, and access to the Saddlers Club (which isn’t open yet).

The stuff about priority access to tickets will only be valid once, maybe twice a year, and you’d already be behind ST holders.

Seems like a fairly good deal for regulars who aren’t ST holders, but otherwise, nothing much.


I can’t wait to become an official member! Looks a fantastic deal. Reckon they’ll get thousands signing up to ensure their dream ticket for the crucial Morecambe away game

Well done Walsall FC.

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Brilliant by the club.


By tying it in with season tickets they’ve got a couple of thousand members already.

I’ll look forward to my 5% discount on a hi-viz drawstring bag. :crazy_face:


Step in the right direction in my view the value will be in the discounts if you do spend in the club shop and the discounts approach £30 it’s great priority etc are a bonus.

Also is there going to be a charge to enter the Saddlers club?? If so and you want to use it that might be a saving too.

Like most things will be meh from some :+1: for others


I agree.
A good idea, now it’s about the execution.

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Decent if you are already a season ticket holder. May have been a good idea if they had released this info when the early bird was running.

Not sure I will bother for the £90 it will cost for me and my two lads.


Agree a step in the right direction. Only concern would be the ‘invitation to the Manager’s forum’, which might suggest those without membership are barred from attendance.

  • Free entrance/access to supporters’ club on matchday when accompanied by an adult

Which bar is this? Behind the goal? OAP Stand or the Saddlers Club?

I sit behind the goal as a season ticket holder, and that bar does get very packed. Would be interesting to see if they introduce an entrance fee.

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I think this is definitely a step forward! :clap::clap:

I can’t see it being bars in the ground.

More likely to be the Saddlers Club, but if that’s the case it is easy to be confused if they’ve now decided to start calling it the Supporters Club particularly as when talking about the refurbishment they’ve carried on calling it the Saddlers Club.

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To be fair I don’t really mind which one it is as long as it cuts down some of the queues for regulars. As long as it actually exists of course …


Spreading the customers around will help the queuing but in the main the facilities in all the bars need a refresh to make them more suitable for serving quickly.

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£30?? :joy: Can’t see many people taking that up. Its in the ball-park of most Premier League entry level memberships, more than Albion charged last season (25 for a more extensive range of benefits), and precisely double what Blues charged a couple of years ago (not sure if they still do it). So on the face of it, not a bad idea if not in any way original, but as usual with Trivela they’ve gone high end price wise, and that will prove prohibitive for some when the aim should have been to basically get everyone on board. As for the supporters club entry, how can you weigh up the financial benefit if you don’t know what the non-member entry fee is? :crazy_face:


A positive off the field initiative by the club and a freebie for ST holders, something that has been suggested by a few on here.

I used to pay £2 to get into the Saddlers Club when it was run by the Albion fans but couldn’t access the members bar. Hopefully I will be able to with this.

Just need some decent signings now.


Who’s getting executed…Bonser?:crossed_fingers:

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I’d pay the 30 to see that. Guillotine, hanging or electric chair? A bit squeamish for hanging, drawing and quartering myself but you could put a bit on each corner flag😃

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