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Same old story again… Just tried to order some of the training gear for my lad for Christmas. Everything that I wanted is out of stock on the website. Hoping that they have some in the shop but not holding my breath. Do we ever have stock of anything after August?

I can’t believe people are still having to complain about stock in the club shop,it’s a ■■■■■■■ disgrace,whoever is in charge of ordering stock for the club shop should be sacked on the spot,I mean,who knew demand would go through the roof in the run up to Christmas?


I think it’s the same guy who orders the pies for the kiosks …:wink:

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Re-occurring problems all the time. Only explanation is they are too busy with the corporate side of things. And give no time or very little to the priority to any football club which is the supporters who come week in week out spending there hard earned cash only to be left underwhelmed over and over again.

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I do hope LP can get to the bottom of all the problems our previous chairman created ,

I.E ■■■■ the supporters .

There are so many things to be resolved , players required to get us out of the mess we find ourselves in atm , free hold of the ground , these are the biggies for the long term … MAJOR musts .

The queues at the bar , the stock in the club shop , the kiosks , the out dated stadium etc etc the list goes on and on , just hope we can be patient for the short term with so many things going / gone wrong over time .

Frustrating I know , we all want everything now .

DC and LP we are hoping in time you will make everything okay …


The lack of Christmas stuff on the website is ridiculous.

Me and the Mrs went in Friday to get a Christmas gift for someone and the women behind the counter said it had been dead in there because of the recent form which makes sense.

The fact that it isn’t just the club shop, but the kiosks too makes it just seem that they’re worried about having surplus stock of things and so would rather sell out than have some left over. If this is the case then it needs to change. Pomlett did say he’d be taking a few more risks, and this is surely one we can afford to do.

I could be wrong and it could just be ■■■■ poor management, I’m no business expert so what do I know :joy:


recently purchased 2 items from the online shop and both where the last in stock sort it out pomlett its a joke that fans want to spend there money but cannot due to lack of stock of items on the website i had the same issue last season getting a baby kit none in stock from the end of october for the whole season did not know until someone told me to get the kit early as they are never stocked up once they run out? why if the demand is there.

I don’t get how much the club shop runs out of stuff. Buy more to start with and it’ll move. If not, run a clearance sale after Christmas, or before Easter, and sell it at cost plus 5% or something ridiculous - no loss to the club then.


Looking at the shop site they appear to have very little stock of some items and way over stock of others.

Items like replica kit should be well stocked yet the site shows most of the sizes have under 10 items in stock. Whilst scarves have around 100 in stock. There’s also 4-5 different scarves and they all have around 100 in stock. Why? Just have 1 official scarf. Same with the soft toys. There’s 3 different bears. Why? Just have the Swifty soft toy and 1 bear.
They’ve still got DVDs on there for £9 of the 2011/12 season goals. Just take these off now. If they’ve not sold in the last 7 years why keep them on there?


We don’t realise how staggeringly amateurish we are until other clubs are available for comparison.
I get correspondence on an almost daily basis, thanks to my son being involved with his local club.
The difference between the top of professional football and the bottom isn’t just on the pitch.
Our efforts are staggeringly inept in all regards, in comparison to Leicester City.

Guess you’re talking about online but they do replace old stock in the club shop, obviously the kits but a few years back I was going to get my Mum the 25 years at Bescot book for xmas but baulked at the price which may have been 25 quid. Thought I’d leave it a bit for it to be reduced but on my last few visits to the shop they don’t seem to have any books selling at all now.

When I phoned up this morning, I was told that ‘when we order from Errea, there is a 6-7 week wait for the stock to arrive’. When I asked why the stock had not been replenished 4 or 5 weeks ago in preparation for Christmas I was told that ‘we had some stock then so we didn’t order any more’. It’s the same every year – unless you buy in August or September, you have little chance of getting it. It’s an absolute joke, another example of how our club continues to fail ‘off the pitch’.


‘It wasn’t christmas 5 weeks ago’. :rofl:

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The actual shop is alright when you go in. Plenty of stuff.

The online shop is straight from 2002 though. absolute dog muck

As I said,someone needs to get the sack…unless of course Leigh Pomlett finds the situation acceptable.He’s changed all the staff at that “venue Birmingham” place (wherever that is) so that’s obviously his priority.

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There’s a pattern here isn’t there?

Ridiculous queues at 2.00 - ‘get here earlier’
(despite there’s usually no refreshments or facilities in the ground for an hour wait)

No stock - ‘we’ve got other stuff’
(they seem to think the black shirt is an acceptable equivalent to the green or child size for an adult)

There is no excuse for this whatsoever.
They don’t need feedback from users, they just need to give a ■■■■.


The actual shop is pretty difficult to get around if there is more than 10 people in it as often the case on a matchday.

In an ideal world as has been mentioned they’d take over and refurb the Saddlers club and with the amount of space there you could have a bit of retail in part of it and still have enough space for a sized bar showing the lunchtime game.

Yeah last time I went was green kit release day so it was rammed. Not much room to browse. We were served rather quickly considering the large queue though which was a rare treat at Walsall.