Club Summer Update

Hmm “don’t expect much more other than the calibre of loan deals like the one we made today”

Mat Sadler:
“The positive thing about having some targets over the line relatively early in the window, is that we are currently in a strong position, and can be patient and thoughtful with our signings as the window continues to unfold. We will continue to strengthen the squad with more additions in the coming weeks, and will continue to strive to get the right players and the right characters in the building to make us better.”

Good communication from the club, starting to feel and look like a professional club finally, with a clear vision and trying to improve the relationship between the fans and club. Good times ahead.


Timed after the first loan signing to quell the expected grumbles.
Let’s see what comes next.

Amazing, this clubs going places :clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Don’t expect any more signings in the immediate future.

What is a video analyst?

He prepares all the players individual clips from games. He will prepare clips of the opposition for and at Sadlers request. He’ll clip and prepare the clips from the previous games for post match analysis.

He’s basically a tactical tool for pre and post game analysis and an education / coaching tool for our own players.


Does he do any scouting for players?

Wish this job had exisited when I was younger.

It may extend to providing clips of players that have been identified.

If the new lad hasn’t trained with us yet, we’ve signed him based on video and scout reports / recommendations.

Anyone else just had the “Summer Recruitment Update” email sent to them again this morning?

Has “ICYMI” in the title so don’t know if they’ve maybe amended it in some way?

Also with these emails, I always seem to get 2 identical emails sent to me. Don’t know if this is something to do with the database they’re using and I’m on twice. :thinking:

I’ve got 2 accounts on 2 different e-mails - one for me, and one for my dad as at 92 he’s not into that sort of thing himself.

I always get 2 lots of the club’s mails on my account (sometimes same timestamp, sometimes a few minutes apart), but only one for his.

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Same here Steve.I always get 2 identical emails about 2 minutes apart. Any idea how I can stop one?

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I like the theme of this summer’s recruitment being ‘thoughtful’.

Soundbites, not like they’re going to come out and say it’s “chaotic”, or “scattergun”, are they? Proof is always when the squad is complete and we’re under-way.

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We need at least 2 more decent attacking options to make an impact this season. With a month to go though the squad is better than this time last season when we had Williams,DJT and Abrahams on trial

This sounds no different to last season. They brought in some names early doors, and then topped up with loans and triallists. Seems like most of the budget has been spent on DJ, Daniels and Farquarson. No problem with that as such, but again the squad will be small, and lacking quality off the bench. Where’s that leave us when up against clubs with squads of 30+?

That’ll depend on how good the 11 they can field is surely?


These days with the number of subs allowed on the bench to choose from, clubs with large squads will definitely have an advantage. My concern is that we leave ourselves exposed to injury and suspension difficulties, and having to bring young kids in before they’re ready.

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Not sure why this update was needed :joy: I don’t see this as the communication we all needed. They’ve been better but let’s not just communicate for the sake of it.

I mean, we all know the signings we’ve made :joy: