Colchester game off?

Just seen a post on WFHYS suggesting Saturdays game is postponed??

5.30 kick off I believe, due to the funeral.


Shock as WFHYS fan in confusion over the difference between rearranged and postponed.


You mean someone actually takes WFHYS seriously?!?! :roll_eyes:

It’s a 5.30 p.m. k.o., by the way.


Still showing on Google that it’s still on but at a 17:30 kick off

Just asking a ■■■■■■■ question! :roll_eyes:

It’s still free!


The games at 12.30pm have been rearranged.
Ours has been postponed by two and a half hours.

Assume it’s not an early kick off due to travelling on the day as it’s a fair old journey and one I’ve never done.

Looking forward to it which is not something I would’ve thought possible 7 days ago!

Off the official saddlers website no more needs to be said really.

I’d say it’s no further than Southend to Exeter, or Vale to Carlise, both of which kick off at 12.30.

Yes posted before looking at the actual fixtures thinking many of the lunchtime games would be reasonably local but appears not!

I assume the team don’t stay overnight though for away trips as didn’t happen much in the league 1 days so could’ve asked for later kick off.

Never stopped people in the past!


It doesn’t take much on there lol

Or Orient v Barrow.

Or Land’s End Rovers v John O’Groats Town.

:rofl: true

Some ■■■■■■■ round trip that is!

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Bit more pedantry - John o’ Groats isn’t the most northerly point in mainland UK, that honour goes to the less well known Dunnet Head about 15 miles away.

Land’s End does have claim as an extremity, but as the most westerly point of England (not the whole of GB), with the southern UK limit being Lizard Point which is 35 miles away!

So I have absolutely no idea people go on about walking from Land’s End to John o’ Groats when Lizard Point to Dunnet Head is the more notable achievement - probably something to do with using a good publicist! :grin:


Ah, but Dunnet Head’s team play in a different league to Lands End therefore your point is moot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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