Come In number 46 - Your Time Is Up!

Who do we want as our FA Cup run in tonight’s draw? And where does everyone suggest for Xmas shopping on second round day?

Only kidding - hoping it’s just the first step on a cup and league adventure to get us all excited again.

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Last out of the hat and a bye to 2nd rd … may be only way we can get there! Get the £36,000 prize money too.


I can’t get enthused about the FA cup this year,each year it is getting more and more devalued by the premier league clubs.And then there is the fact that our team is in a diabolical place,and I wouldn’t back them to beat a non-league team at home with a 3 goal start at the moment.

It’s not what it used to be but the first few rounds and still special.

I fancy one of those sides I’ve never heard of

Although it’s lost a bit of its magic I still love the FA cup. And it would be great to get to the 3rd round and beyond… It could even help get us moving in the right direction in the league. Wrexham away for me will do.


We’d probably slip to a 3 - 1 defeat against Bye as well.


Dulwich Hamlet (A)

York away please - work in York and would be a good chance to go to their ground before they move.

Would be happy with York though remember us losing 3 nil in the fa Cup there in the 80s.

Just watch - it’ll be Solihull Borough, and we’ll get stuffed…


York on a Friday night.

Shrewsbury away

Maldon & Tiptree please, I either want a win or total embarrassment in front ot the cameras.
We are ripe shock material.

The Dongles will get the bye of course.

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Ye i was there as well, remember standing behind the goal giving our players some earache :rofl:

Maybe a reunion with old friends Hartlepool, Darlington, York or Torquay.


Nice to see Beckford there representing Bury

Darlington at home it is cup shock right there :rofl:

Spot on!!


Potential banana skin… but happy with that a good chance for progression to the next round.