Conference football


Tonight we saw what to expect next season but for me no more, I’ve been supporting walsall since the age of ten for 55 years but tonight us the time that I walk away, I’ve seen inept teams before and relegation teams but tonight I’ve seen enough. I’ve kidded myself in the past that the number one fan is genuinely interested but he cannot pull the wool over my eyes anymore, in my opinion this club only exists to pay the rent , nothing more. Tonight’s performance was like dragging a group of guys out of the pub on a Sunday morning and throwing them together as if they didn’t know each other 1/2 hour before the kick off. Years of poor management from the top have finally caught up with the walsall board I believe and we will be a conference side within 18 months . The guy I feel sorry for is dean Keats, such a shame. I have a season ticket and against my better judgement I went tonight, what a disgrace . It’s time for change from the top but I cannot see it , would you walk away from the goose ? Never been so angry in 55 years.


Don’t disagree with anything there except the “feeling sorry” for Keates. The players have no structure, no method, no plan. How is that not the fault of the manager


I feel exactly the same that’s why I have missed a few games (including tonight) lately. It will take monumental changes for me to renew my season ticket. I don’t think I will even see out the rest of the matches, it is too depressing.


In my opinion 2 guys that should still be loved and respected for their amazing service to Walsall FC (Whitney & Keates) have or are becoming hated. The hatred should be saved for one man and one man alone.

How many more legends are going to be rolled out as sacrificial lambs so our number 1 fan can keep the golden goose??


Pretty sure all other legends will take what’s happening as a lesson to block the club’s number on their phones.