Conor Wilkinson Signed

Icons on silk row


Not too bad a starting position to build a team around.

Not sure about Kinsella reverting to right back - we’ve offered White a new contract so more likely to be him playing there if he signs. My bet would be Kinsella to be the usual starter in the middle with Perry and Bates taking turns to play alongside him.

We bought Melbourne in on loan with a view to it potentially becoming permanent. Obviously he had to go back to Lincoln at the end of the season as officially he is still under contract to them, but did he do enough to tempt us into making him an offer to become your Player 4?

Don’t think Sadler has the legs (or indeed the inclination with his coaching responsibilities) to be a first choice selection at CB - more likely just an emergency stand-in. And Leak has only just broken into the team so we need an older wiser head alongside him, and cover if he gets the fairly common young player burn-out. So at least 1 if not 2 other CBs on the shopping list (maybe even more if we go with a back 3 formation as our default).

And isn’t Wilkinson’s favoured position your Player 9 (replacement for Wright/Lesser Spotted Nolan)? Leaving us with a vacancy for an out and out CF - unless MT is going to emulate Guardiola and play a system of false 9s, 10s and whatever without a recognised striker.

We also need some depth in the squad as not too many options for the bench at the moment …

Unlike the lot who just left which just shrugged their shoulders when things didn’t go their way, know what I’d prefer!

I’m sure Matt Taylor can help him out with that, the way he spoke about him he sounds like he’ll take everything he says on board.

Honestly think if this lad is coached right he can be our 20+ goal a season striker.


The fact he’ll beat his man, then the next and try to shoot is positive to me.


He’s played 102 games in the last three seasons and been sent off just once- and that was against us!
He’s not exactly Joey Barton is he?


He will be a presence, cause problems and looks like he stays pretty much between the goal posts to tap home as well as strike one from range I’d put money on it now that he does more than Lavery,Gordon,Gaffney and Yaw have ever done next season alone.

That’s not my favoured starting line up, I was using the players available that have played in these positions.

I agree with kinsella more effective in midfield.

Hayden white in my opinion is holding out for a contract offer from elsewhere I reckon we have only offered him a one year deal on a reduced wage, he’s a decent back up but definitely not a first choice starter. Let’s just withdraw contract offer and get a completely new back back 4.

Are we still in the dark regarding the academy release and retained list ?

Wilkinson I’d like to think he’s going to be coached to be an out and out striker he has the attributes to be a top class striker, with a abit of coaching. But again I suppose it all depends on what formation we will play.

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Any updated on the fans forum? I’m sure there was mention of it being in may/June.

If Hayden White does a Dan Scarr it really wouldn’t bother me.


It hasn’t been announced .I don’t know why but I understand only Foulkes and Campbell were offered long term deals with Coogan being offered a short term deal. Foulkes is a defender ,principally a right back I think and Campbell is a winger who seems to score a few goals.

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Thanks, maybe they’ve been that busy with the first team it just slipped there mind, maybe it can be asked in the next WPM? When ever that is. I watched Campbell in a pre season friendly he looked decent tbf, as for foulkes not seen anything of him tbf so can’t really comment on him.

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Joe Willis is still under contract. Is he good enough to challenge for a first team place though?

Wonder what Taylor said to Wilkinson about the club that’s made him so excited to sign for us?

Not sure but I bet it was a tad more in depth than if it was down to Dutton to persuade him … ‘Can you speak in a Black Country accent ’ (deep inhale of breath)

Don’t think Sadler has the legs (or indeed the inclination with his coaching responsibilities) to be a first choice selection at CB - more likely just an emergency stand-in.

Andy, I see your point. Sadler was by far our best defender last season, he’s remarkably fit for his age (young to us, but getting on in football years) and I think he will want to play for as long as he feels he’s still an effective contributor to the team. Personally, It would be nice if he can play out this season and then concentrate on his coaching responsibilities here.

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Here’s 2 grand a week?


Yes, I think he still has something to give to the team but I don’t think he himself sees playing games as his main priority.