Conspiracy Theory

I’ve just watched EFL on Quest.

Last week’s team in first place followed by second. Then third and fourth.

They then show all the games until, last but one, the team that finished the day in fifth and then the team in sixth.
They then mention the team in sixth who are on a run.
Next comes the tables: first and second doing well, third (first win in four), fourth (on a run)…… now at the bottom of the table…

It seems the team in fifth (joint third) are not worthy of comment.

Or is it better we stay under the radar?

I thought exactly the same, also the prominence of the Blackpool v’s Luton
0-0 draw in the running order was unbelievable. Is the producer a Luton Town fan?

Thought that mention of the fact we are meant to be relegation fodder!

Pretty sure they bigged us up a couple of weeks ago after the Barnsley game, Ian Holloway praised Keates and his signings.


What was even more bizarre was they went through the league 1 & 2 games, highlights of goals then onto the next one and…bang out of nowhere a snippet of a comment from Jim Bentley from Morcambe!

Must be getting old, but I’ve yet to stay awake long enough for the league 1 goals since the new format. Just catch up on Sunday via the Sky website.

Record. Watch Sunday. It’s easier to fast forward.


The 6:00 pm news on bbc and itv are just as bad after the weekend games, they have no trouble showing Burton Albion but but we are lucky if they show one goal of the couple we score.

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That is correct. I think the EFL show on Quest, and its former incarnation on Channel 5, does a decent job considering the amount of matches they have to cram in. We don’t get completely ignored. Surely nobody expects the spotlight too often.

BBC WM is another matter!

I’m guessing that they like to start the League 1 segment with the battle for promotion, and end it with the battle against relegation.

Agree entirely, ignore all news items on Saturday night, don’t buy a paper on Sunday until you settle down to watch the programme, it’s quite entertaining watching the unknown Championship & 4th Division games!
Beats Premiershite anyday! We have actually been known to be given slightly more than 20 seconds on many occasions over the past few years!!
Wheras Luton Town, well, whatever they do is worth having Quest alone.
As suggested above, I think the producer must be a fan!

Have to admit I always think this as it feels like it follows the table order and the WHAM Walsall pushes to the end.

I do like the programme and they have called us out after our unexpected start. Feel Saturdays game will have a priority as Stanley are a good news story at the moment.