Coogan and Foulkes

Looking at Coogan’s twitter, it seems that he signed his deal in March.

Yeah, he’s been around for a while.

Foulkes the only 2nd year we’re keeping on then? Didn’t someone think Jayden Campbell was signing a deal too?

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That was me.It came from a very good source.Looks like he has turned us down which ,of course, he is free to do.

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Danny Coogan signed from Rushall Olympic U21 team. Good lad - hope he does well.


Obviously I’m delighted! :busts_in_silhouette:

Not turned down as such, offers remain on the table for the pro’s until 1st July (same as Scarr and White) and Foulkes has signed, but Campbell hasn’t (and they were the only two to be offered).

Campbell is contracted until 30/06, so can’t go anywhere else until the 1st, but looks highly unlikely to stay this late on.

Thanks…I wonder if the fact we might not play with traditional wingers might be the reason.

Great news 4 us … How many years they contracted to us? We need a winger or 2. Knowin Also there’s a link we might re - sign antonhy forde but we also have a young winger Jayden Campbell. Looks a real talent

Well, the contract offer has been made by the club, so that’s either because they see him as a first team prospect next season, or they want to protect the level of compensation should he move to a bigger club (or both!).

I know but he might have decided he will get more opportunities elsewhere.

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Why would he reject us (Campbell) we’ve bort him up he’s 1 of us…he should have been the 1st one to sign… I didn’t even know why he’s nt signed up 2 nw we offered him a Contract. Every young player has alwys said yes… I can feel a lil dazzle Clarke and button dutton. Campbell should get signed

Yep 100%

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As above, he’s not been near the bench despite being assigned a squad number, and may fancy his chances elsewhere.

We ad a younger Dylan Parker smashed it out in the reserves signed him didn’t play him… Why sign him not play him or loan him out. then let him go for free…
this Dylan will play in the football league come soon.
He scored 11 times in 18 games rugby town yeah I know it’s a diffrent level in the football league give the kid a chance. Rushall olympic have gt a gem… Jus like we messed up on zat Knight 20 yrs bk

Nice to see they signed a deal, even if it is a short one. At this age you can’t predict, where you end in footy.

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omg we gt Germany nxt

Let’s hope that young Foulkes doesn’t get a red card !! Imagine the commentator saying " Foulkes off " :joy:

And after he’s had a poor first half - “for Foulkes sake, lets hope he improves in the second half.”

Aye aye…heard it all before…you’re pronouncing it wrong its “f ow kes” not “fooks” or “folks”.

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