COOK'S goal is


Shortlisted by the BBC for the goal of the first round!! It is a very good goal but I didn’t think it was even goal of the match. Devlin’s was better!!!


I think it’s probably more for Zeli’s back heel than anything else to be fair.


I don’t know, I thought the turn was sublime!


Probably one of his best goals, from the build up with the back heel, to the calmness and maturity he displayed in putting it away was superb.


Cooks goal was by far the best of that game. Great backheel and a superb turn and finish.


The BBC highlighted it as ‘a superb team goal from Walsall.’


That’s what happens when you give the job to wimmin pundits.

"Sarah love , can you pick us a goal of the round "

"Oooo , I’ll pick that Sandy Cook , cos he kicked it hard "


it was a pretty cool finish by Cook though i must admit