First time in years we look consistently dangerous from corners! Really makes a difference in tight games!
Everytime we have one I feel we can score!
That’s 4 goals from corners In The last 2 games !
Well done Dan Watson and the team!


Sadler will be skint at the end of the season. Remember him saying after the win at Bradford he gives the coaching staff 50 quid per goal from corners


I think having competent corner takers helps. Allen and Hutch’s corners have been quality recently.


What a nuisance Matt makes in that box…the defenders must hate marking him. When he got their centre half booked towards the end put a huge smile on his face. Job done!


You can actually see the fear in the opposition when we have a corner.

So refreshing after years of just leisurely floating the ball over, ultimately getting caught on the corner attack.


It’s nice that we have defenders that attack the ball and score for a change from them

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Sign up Watson on a lengthy contract


Was even bad earlier in the season, like a Knowles long throw they never beat the first man, brilliant that it’s been sorted.

Yes. Saw that. He had a little word in his ear too. Made me laugh

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Massive threat. Higher up the leagues you go managers / Teams better at sussing it out but in League 2 can be lethal

It’s nice that they know which area to attack

Was thinking this today. For years when Walsall win a set piece it wasn’t even worth getting excited over. For some reason we were just completely toothless. Now we look like scoring every time ……… I would say part of this is down to taking Knowles off corner duty.


Its been missing for years, but having some beef in Matt makes a difference as they usually double up and leave a man free.

Its all about the ball in though, up steps Taylor Allen. If youve got Faal and Matt in the box they are going to be scared stiff.

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I wonder how many of these set piece goals we’ve scored off were in the crossover when Faal and Matt were both on the pitch. Mcgann blamed the second on them having to man-mark Faal ,which freed up Earing.

He then said they switched back and left Faal free who scored anyway :grinning:

Its a nice feeling to confuse the opposition tactically.


Why we let Knowles take them for so long looks even more baffling now

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As I said on the match thread not only are we taking some good corners but we also have a lot of big but also mobile blokes to receive them. If Allen and Hutchinson can continue to place them so well we are going to cause lots of problems for teams.