Coventry City (H) F.A.Cup 1st round, 10th Nov 3pm


Yoooooooooooou REDS!


Good response :grinning:


Devlin with his first goal


Devlin! but it’s always the backs who are crap :roll_eyes:


As ever delighted to be proven wrong!


What’s he doing in their area?:rofl:


And your point being ?


6 minutes added on.


6 mins added on.


Yeah that was tongue in cheek to be fair to you.

I’ve criticised Keates for not making changes when we have clearly been behind the game but to be fair that’s not the case this week.


Full time!

Nosebleed time, decent draw in round 2 hopefully.


YESSSS we are in the hat


Eat turd Coventry scumbags! :laughing:


What is this 2nd round thing?


3-2 at FT!!!


Thinks a step into the unknown Saddla


Fear not, the FA are warming up the balls (oh err) and Sunderland or Portsmouth away await to end this cup run nonsense.


I hadn’t given it a second thought about the ramifications of that? :worried::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that it - we’ve won a cup right, or are there more games?



Just give them the trophy!