Coventry City (H) F.A.Cup 1st round, 10th Nov 3pm


You get money for winning rounds so Bonser enjoyed this one more than the Wycombe win I suspect.


Great result. Backs up what I’ve been saying all week.


What’s the story with Ferrier? Does anybody know?


Fan Tas Tic and Baka didn’t even come on as a sub!! Never mind Ferrier, probably rested but does anyone know what’s happened to Fizzywater? or have I missed something up here in Leeds


Can someone please remind me what the 2nd round of the FA Cup is like ?


Great display today . Effort commitment all the lads worked there socks off . Kinnsella my man of the match .and well done to our 2000 or so fans who backed the team today👏🏻 . Great cup tie UTS


Thought we struggled all over the pitch for long periods, but deserved the win in the end. Great goal to win it as well, a proper cracker.

Having Ismail in the team helps so much, he can carry the ball, occupies a couple of players and stretches the games and creates space for others.

Special mention to Kinsella who for a small lad really put himself about against a much bigger Cov side. We need Fitz at the back, Guthrie and Martin are way too slow.


Fitzwater wasn’t allowed to play by WBA. Anyway those of you who stayed away missed the best game of the season and we were deserved winners. It is very sad that some people write off a team after 2 bad performances. This team deserves better than that as they proved today.
Big plusses another goal for Cook and a battling midfield effort from Kinsella. A word of praise also for Gordon who caused the defence of Coventry many anxious moments. Not sure he is a goalscorer but he played for all the 99 minutes of the game!!
One further comment we had yet another display of refereeing which was almost beyond belief…we had two penalties denied one of which was stonewall.


Fitzwater was interviewed in the Stadium Suite before the game and said his absence today (and thus probably explains Wilson’s absence too) was due to Albion not wanting him cup-tied. Wolves obviously not bothered about Ronan and Johnson as both on the bench.

Sounds like his injury is sorted (so expect him back against Vile or Fleetwood) and also that Joe Edwards is getting close to coming back.


Some of our fans still have to have ago and find faults even when we win. For gods sake we were very low on confidence before the game and playing against a team full of confidence winning 5out of 6 and 3000 fans behind them Who all went home disappointed.well done boys job done on to round 2​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Don’t you just love it when the team you’re beating come’s back at you and pull’s it level and they think there’s only going to be one winning now and …bugger we score , classic :rofl:


The only losers today was the stayaways 100% commitment from the entire walsall team great performance and brilliant result well done everyone


and he managed to sell Coventry extra ticket’s …win win :money_mouth_face:


I feel giddy just saying this, but when’s the draw for the second round? :grinning:


calm down calm down it’s only the second round …the second round oh my God , oh my God the second round does that mean we’ve won it now then does it does it …:star_struck:


Live on BBC2, Monday 7pm


Bet the stayaways can’t wait for the draw on Monday


Biggest result of the season for a variety of reasons.

Well done to the 2,000. For many the fourth home game on the skip.

I didn’t go today and got my just deserts.

Looking forward to the next round draw (just wanted to type those words). Southport (a) please. Drinks on me!


My ratings from the last game im going to be at for a while before my surgery.
L. Roberts 5 - didnt look good tbh from where i was i felt he should have saved there 2nd goal
N. Devlin 7 - although i think defensively he isnt the best. He put 110% into the game and the goal meant so much more today
J. Guthrie 5 - not great to be honest. At fault for there first.
M. Russell 6 - ok game not as good as what ive seen so far
L. Leahy 6 - shows alot of passion but again not the best defensively
Z. Ismail 7 - very quiet first half but quality in the second. The back heel for Cooks goal was fancy
G. Dobson 8 - wears his heart on his sleeve. Much better game today than recently
L. Kinsella 8 - superb performance today way better than Osborne from what ive seen.
J. Ginnelly 7 - Didnt stop running and caused all sorts of trouble. His persistent nature paid dividends
A. Cook 9 - He was another level today. Was instrumental. Can fault him today at all.
J. Gordon 6 - works hard but seems to lack that bit of quality in the end.

K. Morris N/A came on too late to make an impact


Fantastic all round performance great cup tie, bet we get in trouble for their scumbags invading the pitch when they equalised all to no avail lol great result now take the confidence forward. Good to see Nick Atthey giving his memories in the stadium suite before the game.