Crawley Town (A) - Tue 16th March, 7pm

So we’ve now heard from Leigh Pomlett and we move on to a fixture against Crawley Town tomorrow night with Brian Dutton in charge for seemingly the next 4 fixtures at least.

Crawley are led by John Yems (who had an extraordinary rant at a reporter following a game earlier this season - and are currently 10th in League Two having played 33 games. They have 2 games in hand on some above, and if they were to win these then they will be in the play-off chase towards the end of the season.

Of course, former TOWIE star Mark Wright is a Crawley Town player but i don’t think he will be appearing any time soon having suffered injury, as well as having a nightmare full debut last month against Harrogate Town -

That said, it would be very Walsall-like if he were to play and score the winner!

Crawley Town’s last six results have been:

23rd Feb - Grimsby Town (a) - Lost 2-1
27th Feb - Exeter City (h) - Won 2-0
2nd March - Morecambe (a) - Lost 3-1
6th March - Tranmere Rovers (a) - Won 1-0
9th March - Salford City (h) - Won 1-0
13th March - Mansfield Town (h) - Won 1-0

The fact that Grimsby managed to beat them doesn’t make me feel any better about facing them in a few games :flushed:

Anybody who has played for both? Let us know.

Who is tuning in via i-Follow? Who isn’t?

What should the starting line up be? What will it actually be?

Do we have any hope whatsoever of 3 points?

Get strapped in, the rest of this season is going to be a bumpy ride, starting tomorrow.

Crawley Town vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Crawley Town Win
  • Goalless Draw
  • Score Draw
  • Walsall Win

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If this statement doesn’t see Dutton out of the role that’s it for me.

We will lose, have no shots on target and maybe 2 off, play right back at defensive midfield, midfielder up front and only one striker, then dutton will say we need more patience, one thing that is worrying me is when dutton took the job he mentioned about the time you get as a walsall manager and that if they don’t win in 16 then that’s okay, we cant afford that this season I’m afraid

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2-1 win

Dutton stays I’m keeping my £10 in my pocket I’m not prepared to watch a football team who hasn’t got a cat in hells chance of scoring a goal and a football team that has no qualities to speak of.I’ve had it up to here with the lot of them all the best to those who pay hope I’m wrong and you see a goal filled performance wouldn’t hold your breath though.


Nice win down there last season, didn’t Clarke ping one into the top corner from about 30 yards out?

I’ll actually go for a draw but would sum up Walsall in 2021 if Mark Wright scores the winner if he’s still there (haven’t heard his name since the cup game so guessing they released him on the quiet).

Does anyone know the injury situation? By my count we have:

all known to be injured or in the wars recently. And I do wonder about Vincent, since he was not even in the squad for Cambridge (although he did come on as a sub!) and on the bench and unused on Friday.

Preview done

Vincent either Dutton doesn’t like him or he’s playing the midfield who will be here next season. I can’t see anything but a defeat tomorrow 2-0

It will be interesting seeing how the players perform tomorrow knowing that Dutton has supposedly got 2 weeks’ to stay in a job.

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Dare I say I think we will get some sort of response in this game.

Score draw (even though I selected Crawley win above, because I was fuming when I picked that).

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2 nil win. 2 defenders to score.

0-3 We’m gunna smosh 'em!

Hope Dutton can turn it round but I can’t help feeling he is too long in the tooth having being influenced by DC for so long and really needs the help of old head in the dug out with new ideas in order to get some kind of foothold and stabilise the club… 1 nil defeat I think


Mat Sadler, Karl Hawley, Pablo Mills, Kevin James, Billy Clifford and Rene Gilmartin have played for both clubs, some only on loan.

First game I’m voluntarily missing as part of “backing off”. If history is anything to go by, when I miss a game due to work commitments, then no doubt we will win :grin: I honestly can’t remember the last game I watched us win.

Walsall 1-0

It is easier to predict the lottery results now than ours :man_shrugging:

Is it possible to have 6 zeros as your lottery numbers?

5-5 draw with the mighty saddlers coming from behind with two well-placed shots in injury time after being 5-0 down at half time.

UTS misses most of the match comments after a mass posting of resignations.

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