Credit to the club

Let’s face it the past few years have been ■■■■. Like proper ■■■■. With last season the lowest ebb. We’ve all quite rightly shared our frustrations on here and in other ways, because it’s been ■■■■.

Whilst two weeks will never make a season and of course there is an incredibly long way to go. But what a few weeks it’s been, which is a credit to the club.

New manager that seems like a breath of fresh air. New management team of three that wanna make a real difference. A kit that tries to give Us an identity (love it or hate it). A new signing that is a proven goal scorer at this level and that others wanted. Progressive ticketing system and approach, in theory. Improvements to pitch & training ground. Fair play.

Long long long way to go but credit to the club. Another 5/6 weeks like this and I’ll be lumping on.



Agree with what you are saying But getting in another 5 or 6 of the same or better quality of players along with some youngsters with potential whilst keeping Holden will show we are ready to have a real go at getting out of this poor league.
So far so good though.

Totally agree. But we have to give credit for progress and this is it. No need for champagne yet, but just a tip of the hat to a good week.


Champagne? It’s been flat Asti the last few years so I’ll settle for Prosecco.

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