Crewe Alexandra (A) - League 2, Sat 19th August, 3:00 pm

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27 quid an adult ticket for league 2 football is ridiculous but I’m sure we’ll have another good following there like always

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Anyone know if the 1002 tickets are initial or maximum allocation? Doesn’t state it in the article.

Theyre probably thinking the same. We cant be far off £27

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It won’t be the full allocation. 1,600 on the side at Crewe.

Has to be initial allocation, surely. They’re home crowds are pretty poor tbh and have gave us and other teams the additional stand behind the goal in the past.

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£27 quid! was thinking of going to this but that is madness.


I was interested in attending this with the fact that it is probably our closest game to travel to but I now won’t go just out of principle. What a ridiculous price for League 2 football.


£23 if bought in advance.

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What is the point in this initial allocation nonsense, it just confuses so many people.

Just put 1600 on sale if that’s what it holds.


Got mine. For £27 the cake better be very hot with some cream in the middle


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