Crystal Ball 18-19

New site, so trying it out.
What do we expect next season. These predictions are as good as any.
A.M. to be up beat all year.
Scott P and Optimistic to announce their engagement on the half way line before Christmas.
Walsall to finish between 7th and 20th
No cup wins
79Walsall!! to start thread!! without any “!!” shock!!
Owner to get good press on here
I’m happy most of this will happen.

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I would re title the thread “FANTASY ISLAND” :rofl::rofl:

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Trying my first post on the new site, could take a while to get familiar with where everything is!

Answer: 10th including a memorable win at the Stadium of Light and zero points from our Rochdale and Scunny games.

The following will crop up:

When’s Jimmy coming back as goalkeeping coach?
We should have kept Whitney!!
Something about our worst performance ever after an average loss against someone cack.
What’s a cup run?
How many players will Sheffield Utd try and nick from us?

Guarantee they won’t bring back chips in the Lower Tier.

People will start debating without being abusive.


looking forward to start a few new topics for you :wink::wink:

Morning all, new site, so decided to become a poster rather than a lurker (and have been a long time lurker since the days of the yellow message board!)

My crystal ball prediction? 1-0 to become THE score to bet on this season. Not going to say which way mind, but might try an experiment by banging a quid on 1-0 for both sides every game. Betting each game in the league would represent a £92 investment, would be interesting to see if I am up or down by the end of the term!

Some of you know may remember me from Walsall Web-Fans, the Saddlers Club and Vital, part of the Block 6 mossiv, looking forward to contributing a little more :slight_smile:


I will take anything slightly positive, a cup run maybe? anything that we will give the fans a good day out.

I don’t see us competing in the league , in fact I see us struggling as a number of teams will throw good money at it next season.

That sounds like the has been actor in The Simpsons :wink:

Good to see you back Shilts!

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Yeah, a run to the second round would be novel and exciting :grinning:

@tinned I’ve heard strong rumours both the FA and League Cup continue after Christmas… :christmas_tree:

False news strikes again

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Some people will believe any fairy story.

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I predict the usual antics in block NM1

I take it you’re the Phantom Lip Crusher? :roll_eyes::wink:

I am Troy McClure. Great idea for me avatar :smile:

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Depends who’s lips got crushed!!

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Evening all, first time poster after being a long time lurker. Enjoyed reading some great stuff on here in the past and hope to contribute some more. Predictions… I think Deano will put some much needed energy, passion,and pride back into our displays. Would be nice to bring the sloppies back down to earth with a thumping first game up though. Mid table for us I expect, with such a big overhaul on his hands, think this is more realistic.


Doing a Shilts. Not lurking lol. I was French Saddler in a previous life.

I reckon a comfortable mid table and to build for the season after

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