Crystal Palace Friendly

Fullarton influence, surely.


It’s a bit different to playing Vile every pre-season! :sweat_smile:

Finally, the chance for revenge…

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Grateful to have this over villa every single year.

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Think a good idea

It shows we mean to change and not just serve up the same old same old ad nauseam and also maybe a way of JF rekindling contacts at CP with a view to offering placements here on loan.

Couple that with MT hopefully doing the same with the Spuds could make life very interesting for us

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What time does the bar open?

No point in playing Villa if the crowd is limited the only reason we play Villa is they bring 5,000 fans


We could get Tommy Black as guest for the halftime entertainment…



The only way to get me interested in that is if they wheel out Tommy Black at half time and we can throw rocks at him



I don’t normally go to friendlies but I am so starved of live football that I’m going to this one. It also helps that I get a free ticket!
The game against Palace is the only game which you can have as your free game. The crowd will be limited to 2,500 spectators. That leaves 350 which will go on offer to those season ticket holders who didn’t leave their cash in the club.

Don’t worry, I’ve heard the other two home games we might have are Villa and Albion

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Palace are playing Portsmouth the day before so will be interesting to see what sort of team they send to play us.

What a ridiculous friendly if so. They’ve just lost about 20 players as well. Pointless.

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Walsall Vs Crystal Palace X1 then
It’s only like us sending the youth and fringe player’s to Rushall similar Gap in League standings.

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I wonder if Patrick Vieira will come and watch.

They’re leaving it a bit late to tell us how we’re getting the tickets for this game. It’s been over a week since we should have heard and we’re only a couple of weeks away from the game. :thinking:

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Very good that we have these two friendlies as we need money.

Villa could fill the ground themselves just now (unlike three or four seasons ago when they struggled to fill an end!).

Given our objective is purely financial we should give them 7,500 tickets and we should just be in the main stand. A stand I still doubt we’d fill.