D 0-0 Rochdale (H) - League Two - Sat 20th November, 3pm

He won’t be coming here then

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I think we will miss White - he has played well this season. I reckon Taylor will keep his system and play Leak, but he offers little going forward. I expect Kinsella and Wilkinson on the bench - it’s a bit soon for them to start. The only question for me is who will he go for with the wide players? Kiernan, Khan, Shade or Phillips?

An alternative, which I doubt he has considered, is to go for three at the back and have Khan and Shade as wing backs. Shade is quite good at tracking back and Khan is a natural wing back.

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Salford and Swindon are interested in…… probably a more realistic headline Belph.On the flip side nice to be linked with someone so early before January though signs we are showing interest in targets early.

I have forecast a draw…1-1 I think.

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2-2 draw nailed on.
We could be winning 2-0 with two minutes to go but Rochdale will still manage to equalise, they have been doing that all season long!

What a fantastic game we played last week, so looking forward to this game.

Back 3 of leak months and mayoress
Wing backs khan and shade
Wilkinson earing laddie Phillip
If Wilkinson is fit

Would rather wilko and kins are rested for this game or subs who maybe given the last 10 minutes or so to give them more time to get fitter for the game against fail on Tuesday .

Got a horrible feeling Vale are going to spank us hope I’m wrong

Reading your comments on the other thread and the fantastic game we played comment I’m worried your not well or been on the syrup?

Luckily their two main target men are out injured, so the spanking will not be as embarrassing, just a normal 3 or 4 Nil

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Voted for a Rochdale win on the basis that I voted for a Walsall win last week and just look what happened.
Please prove me wrong again…….

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Had all your predictions been true we would have been playing Paget Rangers in the Midland Football League Div 1 by now.

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Will be good to have Kinsella and Wilkinson back even if it’s on the bench.
I’m hoping we can scrape out a win as we need to start stringing results together.
Our home form hasn’t been brilliant but the support from our fans has, the lads need to put on a performance for them.

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Totally agree with him and glad it’s been picked up.

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Me too Labadie is much better to us on a pitch and we do miss him breaking up play and being a nuisance,he’s cute with it at times but most the time gets himself noticed by officials far too often let’s be honest every team needs a Labadie and we will see how he manages his game now the boss has spoken BUT I don’t want him to lose his identity with it there’s clearly a fine balance with Joss.

Mostly, he just needs to stop winding up the referees. He is at them all the time and you can see how they react, not only by booking him but by refusing him decisions in his favour.


I’m not holding my breath. He is 31. It’s likely that the conversation has been had before.
Hope I’m wrong.

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Yes: leopards, spots…

Maybe the way is that when he feels like giving the referee earache, a member of the team is designated as referee-sub and Labadie gives it to him instead.

Not likely, I agree.