D 0-0 vs Forest Green Rovers (H) - League Two - Sat 25th Nov, 3pm

Win this, pull away.

Lose this get dragged into the relegation mix possibly.

Will Deeney score?

Will there be chips in the Lower?

Walsall vs Forest Green Rovers - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Forest Green Rovers Win

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1700 tickets given to school kids in the family stand

Makes up for Forest Green bringing about 72 :smile:

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1674 School Partner tickets sold so should be a bigger crowd than would usually be the case.

Snap!! :laughing:


A really tough game against a FGR side who for my money are in something of a false position and have plenty of quality within their ranks. From what I saw of them in the BSMFLT tie they liked to knock it around and kept the ball well so it may be one where we have to accept we will see less of the ball but vitally important when we do have it we use it well.

I suspect there will be just the one change from our previous league fixture with DJ replacing Doug Taylor. Hopefully the trio away on international duty are coming back in good shape after hugely impressive victories and performances.

Good to hear a sizeable number of the next generation of Saddlers spectators will be in attendance and should ensure a bumper pre Xmas audience is in excess of 6,000. Expect the undercroft will be particularly busy and buzzing.

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I have gone for a win. 2-0 will do.

I’m not going to say it’s a must win. But we need to play well - get more on target than against Harrogate. Important for Sadler that the team show they’re motivated and together. Draper (if fit) and DJ up front for me and I reckon we’ll win. Hope Farq at least makes the bench - top defender and hope his injury woes are behind him. UTS.


Sunny afternoon 3-0 win and a few beers with @RedandWhite @MoreWFCVicar and @Belphegor sounds bloody good to me.

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Unless my back improves considerably I will probably miss this. As I can neither sit nor stand without discomfort I can’t see the discomfort of watching us struggle will improve matters for me. As I miss this we will win now, you watch.


Probably will be joining in missing this one as my parents are away and is probably the thing that’s keeping me going at the moment. The trip from Tamworth is becoming less and less appealing. The weekends off spending them as a family being far more enjoyable then the weekends I’m at the game with the added having to listen to Sadler tell me that what I watched with my own eyes was actually top tier quality and not dross.

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Obviously no game is a certainty but I’ve gone for a Walsall win. In fairness a loss won’t relegate us but it would be a massive disappointment and would have the crowd going mad.
My biggest fear is that MS starts with goals DJT.

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A reminder to all spectators there is likely to be some sort of presentation for 20+ years service for Dan Mole as he heads to pastures new. Not certain when this will be but might be worth exercising some caution and making your way to your allocated seats some 30 minutes prior to kick off for this one and also remaining in your allocated seats during the half time interval.


Fantastic :smile:

I’m not sure now if I will have to follow the official matchday advice from the schedule, or yours. Maybe they will incorporate it before it’s release.

Please advise, I don’t want to be stuck with two children not knowing what to do.

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I think some sort of a farewell appearance by Mole in the undercroft would be apt. A man of the people rubbing shoulders with his fans.


Losing here would be a disaster, I’m sure everyone can agree :smirk:



2.0 forest green saddler to pick djt over dj and play comley, who has no idea were he is playing in this team.

72 is a bit harsh I would of said 77

Hopefully we will win but wouldn’t surprise me if deeney scores