D 1-1 vs Barrow (H) - League Two - Tue 12th March, 7:45pm

Walsall vs Barrow - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Barrow Win

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Bounceback time!
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Going for a draw for this one.

Follow that up with 3 points at Colchester and that’s not a bad return for the week.

Have you seen where Colchester are in the league?we’ve got no chance of 3 points there😂


I have gone for a win. Not with any confidence as we will be down to the bare bones especially in defence. The thing that encouraged me is the spirit we have in the team and our decent home record.

We’ve had a lot of injuries over the last few years but this is the first time we have had so many that none of us really know what the starting XI will be.

If we get anything from this game it will be a decent outcome.

Does anyone know the status of our injured players?

Give the owl :owl: some proper food :mouse2: :rat: @Scooby2167


I will take a draw in the circumstances but really think it will be a loss. I’m missing the match anyway, away in the South Lakes for a few days.

Gotta be a win for the simple reason they are above us :grinning:

Hopefully will be at the game with me, so the owl will probably be at home in the shed fast asleep.
We’re both looking forward to meeting up with @Belphegor now he’s back over for a game.
Me and @Scooby2167 that is, not the owl.
We need to win so chunkster is’nt sent back to the Manor by @Swiftlydoseit :wink: :laughing:


A lot will depend which team Sadler puts out. Will he maintain three at the back (Comley in for Dave) or will he go for a back four.
It looks like Matt, Knowles and Okagbue will miss the game, Faal replaces Matt, Foulkes replaces Knowles and Comley in at centre half for Dave. Maybe Manny can move the ch spot?
This really isn’t the time to have a lengthy injury list. Knowles looked like he may be out for a while, bravely he tried to run it off to no avail. Jamma too picked up a knock, not too worried about him as Mo is a direct replacement.
I would drop Josh Gordon and replace him with either DJ (if he’s fit - he can’t be far off) or DJT to partner Mo up front.
Foulkes Manny Comley Allen Gordon
Hutch Earing
Mo DJ or DJT.

I genuinely can’t see how we can stay with a 3?

Comley did well there last season but wasn’t it a tin pot cup game? It’ll be very different against Barrow with big Emile Aquah up front with Stockton.

Id go :-

Foulkes. Manny. Allen. Gordon.


Gordon. Earing. Stirk. Hutch.


Possibly swap Gordon with DJT and put Gordon up front for Faal……

I just can’t see a back 3 of Manny / Comley / Allen


I’d do all we can to try and keep the back 3 as I think it’s been working. Who takes big Dave’s place is a problem though. Personally I’d go for Comely. A leftfield option might be Jamma? It’s a tough one though so I’m not gonna be upset if we line up a back 4. I think Farq is the closest of all our CB’s to fitness but don’t think he’ll be ready.

Not going to make a score prediction - but if we play like we did against FGR and take our chances I think we’ll win. UTS

Looking at that I think I would bring Menayese back and play a 3 thereby leaving the rest of the team pretty much as it was on Saturday . Foulkes RWB and Faal up front with Gordon

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Gordon’s work rate can not be denied. But he had 3 very good chances on Saturday (not half chances) and he fluffed them all when he should have had the match ball.
I think potentially faal and DJ would be our best pairing for the run in . DJ there is no doubt with the way we are playing now and the chances we are consistently creating would have a field day if he’s fit .


I agree with a lot of that, but that back 4 makes me gulp a little bit, especially against Barrow and their forwards.

If we did play a back 4, would he go for a double screen in front, so play a 4231, which could look like:
Foulkes, Manny, Allen, Gordon
Comley, Stirk
Gordon, Hutch, Earing

Or, if feeling a bit adventurous and to try and get some pace down the sides with Knowles absence, as well as to try and keep the press up, could Sadler consider a 433, maybe of:
Foulkes, Manny, Allen, Gordon
Hutch, Comley, Stirk
Gordon, Faal, DJT.

Gordon and DJT run the channels and get us up the pitch. We know Flash can do that and is takes pressure off his finishing (!) and I keep picturing DJT with that goal from out wide against Grimsby!
You could play Earing instead of Stirk but that may be a bit too gung-ho!


I honestly don’t think (aswell as they have been playing) Allen or andeybago are suited to a back 4 .They are used to a 3 .And I wouldn’t want to move Comley away from a position that he has been playing in really well recently.
Maybe the priest or DD are ready for a return but if not why is mayonnaise not being recalled?

We will stick. To a back 3 somehow as no way he has a cb partnership of allen and adeboyega

I’d go
Foulkes ade comley allen Gordon
Earing hutch
Faal djt

But that team terrifies me that’s just what I think is strongest in the circumstances
Evans isn’t better than smith but with such a lack of physical defence I think evans better aerial ability may be more important than distribution here however controversial the change


Certainly a logical thought process. Terrifies me also.

What really concerns me about smith and I appreciate he has deserved to keep his place recently but he does seem to have 1or 2 rash moments every game that he has been lucky with in the most part that they haven’t resulted in goals and he is really weak at crosses and shows little improvement which the opposition will eventually look to exploit.