D 1-1 vs Leamington (A) - Friendly - Tue 12th July, 7:30pm

Our annual trip to The Brakes

Tickets now available

Who’s going?

Do you know if we are sending the first team ?

I expect so - we have when playing them before and they are only 2 divisions below us (same as Telford). Plus it’s usually announced as a Walsall XI if we’re not sending the main squad (as with Rushall on the 26th) and this one isn’t billed as such.


I’ll be there - but will a new striker?

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Anyone know if you can pay on the gate?

Yes, you can.

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I am sure it was tweeted that you can

We usually take the first team but sure we annoyed them last year by changing to a Walsall XI the day before the game. Think we used covid as the reason.

We did indeed - was originally announced as a 1st team friendly but then switched to the U18s instead only the day before - the excuse being it was precautionary so we didn’t lose anyone to Covid with the bigger games against Villa & Palace coming up.

We are sending the 1st Team

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Why not its only 45 min down the road

There is an implication that we have a first team…how many youngsters and triallists do you need before it is not the first team?

Hope those that go keep us informed cus I think it’s our only way of following the game.

Might be able to stream it on lemingtons tv channel. Not sure though.

Starting XI

Why bother saying Trialist when the opponents team just announce them anyway lol