D 1-1 vs Scunthorpe United (H) - League Two - Tue 17th Aug, 7:45pm

The bottom of the whole EFL Saddlers welcome Scunthorpe United to the Banks’s Stadium for the first evening match of the season.

This fixture drills fear into many fans as we remember a few 4-1 defeats to this lot, always on Tuesday nights, but this season surely it won’t happen?!

The Iron find themselves 19th in League Two with 1 point gained from the 2 league games played.

Scunthorpe’s league fixtures so far:

7th Aug - Swindon Town (H) - Lost 3-1
14th Aug - Rochdale (A) - Drew 0-0

As for The Saddlers things need to change drastically from the last game versus Forest Green, staring with someone who can properly take a corner.

I’m not sure who should start in this game to be honest, but I would like to see Monthe and Osadebe dropped as a minimum to be replaced by Menayese and possibly Earing or Kinsella - do you agree? If not, what changes would you make?

Can we get our first win, or even just our first point, of the season?

Come on you Saddlers!

Walsall vs Scunthorpe United - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Scunthorpe United Win

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I’ve got a good feeling about this. Walsall always confound expectations. When we think we are awful we find a win.

In this season of rebirth I’m channelling our first Bescot season and I’m sure our first league win was against Scunthorpe. A comfortable 3-0. Think Peter Bodak may have scored for us.


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2-4 - we’ll be lumped on! :see_no_evil:


2-0 Walsall

4-1 Scunthorpe.

We are really slow in defence and this team doesn’t have goals In it. Recipe for disaster.
Bit of early pressure on Taylor to prove himself a capable manager.
Hope proven wrong

0-0, as in ‘the blind v the partially sighted’ as they used to say. Attendance 3,621.

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A 1-0 win with a late winner that will make us all feel just a little bit better.


1-1 in front of a poor crowd of 3247 .

I dont know what the score will be, what formation or who will play. I dont know what the match day experience will be like.
I do know it will be a poor gate.

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That would be poor.

But maybe it is a cute strategy to sort the off field stuff from yesterday. A triumphant “we day run out o beer” on Wednesday. Queues down in all areas of the ground. Maybe a Covid style briefing with loads of graphs showing tons of improvement.

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Generally awful home record v these in last decade, feels a boring 1-1.

Think Lee Novak retired or something so no idea who plays for them nowadays as with most clubs at this level.

Perry has to start and Osadebe benched. Do that and I can live with whoever else gets selected. New signing upfront would be nice in time for this.

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That will probably be the real attendance but it won’t be announced that low it has to start at 2,600 because that’s the amount of season tickets sold about 250 Scunthorpe fans would mean we’ve only sold 500 or so additional tickets there was 650 at Bromsgrove yesterday so I hope we sell more than that , but like I say unofficially it will be around 3500 cuz at least 300-400 season ticket holders won’t go on Tuesday

0-0 boredraw.
3,500 hardy souls max

Agree totally with dropping Monthe and Osadebe. I’d only bring Monthe on if we need a goal in the last 10 minutes. We could play him upfront and just lump it up to him - he wouldn’t even have to move, just get flick ons. Thinking about it, perhaps we should start him upfront. We could play like Wimbledon: just lump it and chase everything! It might not be pretty, but trying to play out from the back ain’t working, is it? :wink:

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2-1 win.

written. After all the crap they will use it to deflect from otherr issues.

4-0 Walsall. Everything to come together. 3,420 (198) Scunthorpe.

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I wouldn’t bother. He is 6’4" and jumps 4’6"


Perhaps we could send him on with some step ladders? Or some Cuban heels? There must be something we can do.

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Monthe looked unfit rather than total crap. Like a few others. Concerning.