Dan Scarr to leave

James Wilson is a decent pick up for them tbf, he did fine on loan here for a few months so would expect Scarr to be back up to him for first few months.

Plymouth’s two releases of aimson and Scott wootton I’d have in a heartbeat.


There’s a lot of bitter, nastiness on here lately. Whatever happened to the old maxim, ‘If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ ?


Because the likes of Dan scarr and his like should never be seen at the club for such a sustained period ever again and I’ll keep repeating it.

I’ll keep saying not very nice things if it forces pretenders like Dan scare down to the south west of England. Objective successfully completed.

Doubtful you’d accept it at your work fish. etc etc.

Just seen that Tom Naylor has rejected a move to mansfield and decided to join another unamed club. That would be a cracking singing in my eyes, but doubt somebody would reject mansfield to join us.

Edit: just see that it’s Wigan who have hijacked the deal.

That’s a good maxim generally but for me does not apply when we are talking about people that have nearly taken our club out of the football league.


That’s fair enough, but do you really blame the player/players? He wasn’t good enough so the blame is firstly on who signed him and secondly those who coached him. Unless he had a poor attitude or wasn’t fully committed. I never got that feeling from Scarr.

The team that got relegated when Keates was manager was a different story, there were more than a few players that were good enough but went out of their way to break team spirit and downed tools when things weren’t going well.


I prefer to reserve my nasty venomous over-the-top and unreasonable comments for opposition players and the ref.
Being critical of our in players is fair-do’s but personal and abusive comments are out of order. Last year’s team was full of honest pro’s who gave their best for the shirt. Unfortunately their best was just not good enough.


In Mere Green, that’s called chic,

I’d probably add “If you haven’t got something new to say, don’t say anything at all.”
I know recycling is generally seen as a good thing, but….

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Dan who? I had heard from a reliable source earlier on that he was looking to leave.

The ref and opposition players are just doing their job too.


They aren’t wearing the badge so I couldn’t give a ■■■■.

Don’t pretend it’s anything about them being ‘honest’ pros then if it’s actually about who wears what badge :slightly_smiling_face:

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I dont understand what you are getting at all???