Danny Johnson Signs (Again)

No offence to @WestieJack and others, but this is getting ridiculous now. Rumours are one thing, but it’s now at the stage where the done deals are announced first on here (and probably other sites) rather than by the club.

Needs looking at by the new guy as part of his remit.

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Deal is done , I’ve also heard this.

If so what a positive, he must like the club and Sadler
and wasnt just here for Flynn 4 more and the squad looks better than start of last season and it needs to be as League looks stronger

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I Won’t reveal my source, but I was told that the players absolutely love Sadler.


What about DD, he definitely staying?

Would you rather be kept in the dark !

Most clubs sign players and announce it immediately, seems to be a lag that’s the problem.

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Are the initials of your source HP

Told you… Betty had ordered extra bread and beans… last I saw she was making even more tea as a mini-bus of new players have turned up

I said this on the next manager thread. I can confirm I’ve heard same. Not only as a bloke but they pretty much all wanted him in charge because of his ability to do the job. It’s what made me so adamant it was going to be a good appointment.


Or girl, as part of hers!

(Wife is a Marketing Manager, and I’m begging her to apply… she’s having none of it).

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Yes, that’s my point. They are missing an opportunity. Hopefully the new bloke sort it.

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No, of course not, I’d rather the club make the announcement before it leaks out.

Perhaps all the players think he’s an easy touch who doesn’t give em too many problems.

Yeah that’ll be it. That’s exactly how he made a career in the toughest most competitive most ruthless industry in the world :roll_eyes:

Calm down son , back to your graphs.

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Good one. I mean that’s the best you can do?

Dear, dear, you are restless, have a cuppa and a digestive.

Here we go….pointless baiting when in depth knowledge or understanding fails you :+1:

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My wife absolutely loves sadler , but she still preferred Taylor
Probably in a different way than most the players do though