Danny Waldron

He’s banging the goals in at Rushall, scored again tonight. Is he worth a look?

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Ain’t he a bent copper?


Worth a look it’s we only have 1 fit striker who sadler hates, a young striker who will go in January , a striker who is injured and young striker who is national south standard and whatever Matt is meant to be
So yeah we need to look now as we need the extra firepower

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RAM should give a good insight of him

Important to remember the difference in quality of the leagues. No doubt a good goalscorer at that level.


I was only thinking about this at the weekend.
As a rushall lad i always keep tabs on olympic and check for there results and he just seems to be on the scoresheet almost every game.
At just 27 has a good few years in him yet and would almost certainly be worth a gamble in my eyes.

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Fair comment mate he’s at a career highest level at 27 could be a flash in the pan.

Please get real.

At 27 he’s at a career best level.

He’s not getting any quicker.

He’s not improving technically.

He’s declining physically in terms of his muscle growth / deterioration.

He’s playing part time football against part time footballers.

The step to National league would be a huge one and the step into league two is huge again especially for a player already at his peak!!

Also, consider this….

He has a job where he’s likely earning £35k a year and probably raking in £300-400 a week playing football….probably largely tax free….

Rough estimate £12-15k a year nett?

How much money do you suggest Walsall might offer him for a 1 year deal ?

£600 a week? £700?

Likely to need his job back a year later or at the very best he’ll need a job within 5 years……even if he can withstand a pay cut of £1000 a month to play for Walsall !!!


Jamie vardy

Vardy was playing the same level as Waldron at 23. He was a full time footballer in the National league with Fleetwood at 24……


The teacher has spoken. Anyway here is my take on it. Having seen Waldron play on numerous occasions. His touch, control, physicality, ariel ability and technique is miles above back up strikers we sign and yes I’m talking about Douglas James Taylor. Before you say. But… But… He’s only 20 and has a chance to improve. No he dosnt because he’s absolutely crap and will be released at the end of the season. Have you ever thought Danny might be just motivated to give league football a go. If he does I’d snap his hand off!!!. Could be a great bit of business and if we don’t give him the chance it’s almost guaranteed that another efl or National League club will.

Let’s wait and see for that one.

Even if he was offered, I’d bet my backside he’d turn it down in favour of a secure future with a job, more money and a lifestyle choice for him and any family.


You don’t know what motivates people. He could step out of his career for a few years make it in the efl or national league and go back to his chosen career at a later date. You do know don’t you that Danny’s retirement age is likely to be well into his 70s!!!. He would have a good 35 yrs working life left AFTER his footballing career. Seriously hope we are looking at him. Very good player

Nope but I’d back my judgement over yours on both who is and isn’t a good striker and on what will motivate a 27 year old part time footballer with a job and a mortgage.

I don’t know many people at the moment who could take a £1000 a month pay cut just to give up their jobs and play football for a year or two.

Common sense really


We don’t need another non league player, we’re still waiting for Knowles to show some consistency.

And there we have a great example of the difficulty in stepping up one division let alone two which includes going from part time to full time….Knowles was supposedly the best player in the National league….Danny Waldron is far from being that in the National league North.


Agree with Completley Saddled about Waldron but also get what Gen is saying about DJT he is poor for me as well.

That’s fair enough, I don’t think DJT was ever signed to play a big part unless he kicked on. Let’s face it, we have a perfectly good striker that can’t seem to get on the pitch for reasons unknown.


Whilst I agree with most of what you say, just for balance I think there’s a couple of points worth making.

And has taken that in his stride whilst continuing to score goals at the same rate as in the lower levels he has played at previously.

He might with better training/coaching.

A bit over the top! Andy Cook made his league debut for us aged 28 and 5 years later would still walk (or maybe waddle) into our team.

Disagree on the latter point, there isn’t a huge gap between the bottom of the football league and the NL. In fact I would argue its very much on a par.

You’ve just made that up.

Nope, it isn’t “tax free”.

The supposed 1k a month pay cut isnt real, because it was based on your earlier made up earnings figure. There are plenty of examples of non-league players pausing or giving up a job to have a bash at fulltime, just as there are plenty examples of the opposite. Kenny Clarke and Chris Short are two of the best nonleague players I’ve ever seen, both of them turned down Man Utd. Conversely, the likes of Colby Bishop did the opposite and has maintained an upwards trajectory with his football.

As I say, I largely agree with the general points you make. But I also think as a general point, and particularly where goalscorers are concerned, a club like Walsall should be paying keen attention to players tearing it up in non league.


Still rate him as a striker, and you are completely correct Geordie, would bang the goals in for us, or where ever he plays, as he’s a natural goal scorer, and that’s something he has even though he’s getting on a bit and is over weight and has the turning speed of an oil tanker.

PS … wish we still had him here