Darlo later

Anyone going?..Dont think i can be arsed after the last few weeks but maybe after tea ill change my mind!

yeah I’m going tonight 3 points a necessity. #deansmithsredarmy

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Anyone know who the trialists are ?

Seen on social media that clarke is in the bar with the walsall fans at darlaston getting grilled by them.


He should be watching his triallists, not supping ale with the plebs!

49 minutes and Darlaston equalise according to Twitter.

Anyone know the final score, have we finally found a win?

2-2 according to Bescot Banter…Hardy one of the scorers. The other was someone called Derry…presumably a youth teamer who lost 0-3 to Fleetwood town in the FA Youth Cup.

Quite a strong team that was…Kiersey still there incredibly and Kory getting more minutes to up his fitness.

Good to see Ben Friel moving on up the ranks, will have a chat next time I see him to see what he thinks of DC and general mood around the place.

Thought this was Walsall senior cup so good on club to send a team.

Wonder if the trial keeper was any good?

Hardy needs to be starting games simple as that


The goalkeeper was a young lad on the books of Romulus, currently playing for Wolverhampton Casuals in the WMRL Prem, the same division as Darlo. Played the full 90.

Just won’t happen under DC’s tenure…the lad has skill, certainly not acceptable under any circumstances! Watch him be first choice when DC is replaced.

The two players who’s treatment I just don’t understand are McDonald and Hardy. Having assembled a squad almost deviod of creativity, to not give these two a fair crack seems crazy. Especially as Jules and McDonald seemed to have a partnership developing on the left flank before the run of loses began. Hardy, just seems to have the knack of scoring goals yet can’t get a chance in a team that can’t score, strange one.


Never agreed with anybody more shocking really what’s going on in his mind??