Darrell Clarke

There are a handful of people who have been posting similar things on Twitter and Facebook, not just this “Charlie” guy.

It would be good if this helped to stop the awful stuff our lot give Clarke.
Give him stick by all means but not the personal comments and not that silly dog song.


Then they also should be exposed for the scum they are

That’s what I’m hoping for too. Need to put an end to these offensive songs.

I really hope we don’t hear any on Saturday (or they get shut down quickly).

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Guardian interview with our former boss:


Respect has a father of 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters can not think wot it must be like losing any of them again respect


Great manager. Lovely person

Fair play to Darrell. We didn’t give him enough resources to get promotion, although he did sign some tat (Guthrie, Liddell, Sinclair, etc). We arguably gave Matt Taylor a lot more resources in terms of proven League 2 players such as Wilkinson, Labadie, Monthe, Ash Taylor, Ward. But Taylor, and Sadler after him, didn’t find a playing style that suited the players at his disposal. Taylor played 4-2-3-1, without the proper wide attackers in the 3, and should have played 3-5-2, whereas Sadler tried to play 3-5-2 without the wing-backs required to make the system work, and should be playing 4-4-2. These managers should just keep it simple!


Darrell Clarke was given a team of players where almost all of them had or have gone on to play in higher leagues. Some in the championship, and Adebayo in the premier league!

That he couldn’t even challenge for the play offs shows you he did a rubbish job, and put us in the mad cycle of letting better players go and replacing them with inferior ones. Up there with Keates and Hutchings as the worst Walsall manager of the last 30 years.


On a football level he was shite
On a personal level my heart goes out to him, because what he has gone through, no parent should suffer, and he gets my love my heartfelt condolences and my respect :cry: