DC idea

Absolutely tragic to lose a daughter at that age. Darrell and family appear to have some faith and I hope they can find some comfort and peace in that during this difficult time. Anything we do to support him is great


Always happy to help mate. And. if you need railway pitch. And the clubs. Other facilities. Just shout out pal



Vale lad sent message saying he’s too hungover to contribute much today, understandable :grin: but he’s on the case and will get back to me. Nice one @Dhforever I never doubted it mate but appreciate it. I’ll keep everyone posted. #WalsallFamily #FootballFamily

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You do all realise that we could end up as besties with them :grimacing: :wink:

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Unlikely mate. Just been on Amazon to get some gloves in case we have to shake hands :grin:

I’ll always hate Vale, same as I’ll always hate Shrewsbury. That goes for the clubs and any of their mentally challenged fans.Proper fans of both I could have a pint with, they are similar to us. Years of dross, travel everywhere even when they know they’re shite, witnessed years of mismanagement of the club they love etc etc