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We all saw DC yesterday and despite us hating Vale and having history with DC, nobody with a heart could fail to send their heart out to him. Vale fans were awesome when we lost Julie one of our own and chucked loads in the bucket after the sponsored walk.

What would people think about us working with Vale (spit spit I know) fans to sort some just giving thing to set up a foundation or whatever family want to do in her memory? I know a couple of Vale fans who I haven’t actually had a fight with in last 40 years, not many I must admit. We could raise money for whatever the family want to be her legacy… Any ideas?


Maybe a fans charity game?


That might get a bit tasty Walsall v Vale fans :grin: BYou mean moving what usually happens on car park onto a pitch and involving a ball … lol. In touch with a Vale lad, he’s in touch with a Gas lad… no ideas about what where or how yet, just seeing if there are enough of us up for it… whatever it turns out to be. I know it’s a bit vague but sure if a few of us, Vale and Gas get our heads together and Vale lot can speak to family to ask them what they’d like as a memorial then we can work something out. As @Blazing_Saddler will remember Vale fans chucked hundreds of £ in pot when we finished the walk for Julie Skidmore at Vale Park. Football family ay it. But got no further than having the idea yet. Just wanted to know if enough of us would be up for doing something


How about play them on the Railway Club pitch ? or ask our SLO to ask El Pomletto is we coud use the proper pitch

Would definitely be up for doing something. Any parents out there will know that even the thought of going through what him and his family have is unbearable never mind actually living it.

If you need any help Belgian drop me a DM

Ideas welcome. I’m sure Olly and ISSA will be up for supporting it. Not that I claim to speak for Olly. It’s early ideas stage at moment. Just need to know if there are enough of us interested in doing “something” and then we can talk to their lot about what that something might be.

I think it’s a great idea, after all they chipped in and help with Julie who had no real direct connection with the Vale

DC at the end of the day was our manager and is now there are connections to both. I didnt know until recently that it was his daughter that died. I originally thought it is was nan/granddad or mom or dad. Must be 10 times more difficult when its your daughter

I know he got treated like a dog when he left but think history has shown what he could have done if he had been backed like the Vale have and did not have his legs chopped from beneath him. Could have been us in L1 next season if he had the right backing from El Pomletto


Regardless of what happened with him here, this transcends rivalries etc. I don’t particularly like the bloke, his managership was a disaster here. Its about compassion (and we need more of that in the world) and the football family. If people don’t want to get involved that’s fine, just need to know if there enough of us up for the idea in principle, if so I’ll start talking to this Vale lad and he can talk to his Gas mate about ideas and we take it from there…


I’m an insomniac so always awake early, I’m sure when the rest drag themselves out their pit there will be support for the principle and hopefully some more ideas. Walsall ay we. But also football family ay we

Im in Cyprus at the momement so am 2 hours ahead of the Saturday night hangovers enjoyed by most fellow Saddlers

If we are to do something, we need a cause, as we cant just bung DC money. I did found this and may cover part of DC’s experience and others


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I assume you’ve gone round and let all his tyres down if you’re in Cyprus? If not why not :grin: Nah obviously we cant just bung him money. Was thinking of some sort of memorial, but think that’s best to ask family what they think would be most appropriate. But we ay that far yet

Still at early stage yet, just putting feelers out. Need to speak to Vale and Gas lads and between all 3 fan groups I’m sure we can come up with some ideas. A Vale v Walsall fans match could get messy but open to any ideas lol. Like I say just testing water at moment. Will post progress on here when I’ve spoken to Vale and Gas, in meantime keep ideas flowing on here.

What about a team of fans from all 3 clubs against a team of past players from Walsall, Vale and Brizzle?

My friend organised something similar a few years back, where lads from New Cross played a team of Wolves legends to raise money for a department in the hospital.

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Keep the ideas coming that sounds like a boster :+1:

I sincerely hope that those despicable creatures who took to twitter at the time, or continue to chant about him, take a good long look at themselves now we know what actually happened, and we hear no more of it next season!


We won’t be there next season. But if we get them in cup or whatever I will deck anyone who even starts. I doubt even our more intellectually challenged fans would dare start any songs like that. If they do I’m sure I won’t be the only one decking them

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I would suggest they already knew about the rumours of exactly what had happened, and there are still comments aimed at DC from yesterday’s game too relating to dogs etc, which I’ve seen. You can’t help some people, and some people will learn when it’s too late.


There’s actually a link to one already going in her memory online…funds go to RSPCA which obviously was a big passion for her. Vale players donated so will post link to you privately if you want.

Fans game idea is one I like especially involving Bristol Rovers aswell.

Maybe include Salisbury and have a mini tournament.


I was going to say add Mansfield.
Wasn’t there a five a side tournament a few years ago held at Bilston Towns ground?
Seem to recall Sheffield Wednesday had a team there, based on Owls fans living locally.

They knew full well.
One of the comments specifically mentioned the tragedy. Absolutely moronic and despicable.

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