Dean Smith on Organisational Culture

Worth a watch.


Nice to know Jeffrey slashed our budget by £400k over 2 years.


Great watch, what a great man and manager he is. We were lucky to have him for as long as we did.

Also ■■■■ Jeff Bonser.


I’m guessing Gamble won’t be innocent when it comes to the reduction of the budget.

20 mins well worth watching. Quite a find to get this clip.

I can see how he builds togetherness and respect.

Is the “sausage sandwich player” Rico Henry?

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I got Paterson, from the sausage sandwich.

Why, oh why, could this man (Smith) have not just stayed put for 6 months? I hate Brentford.


Wow. The fact he had to present an idea to develop the club’s image and brand to the board of directors is incredible. What do they actually do themselves? This is just more proof that they don’t give a ■■■■ about developing the club and never have done.

His management style is also seemingly polar opposite to DC. Can you imagine DC calling each player in that he’s left out this week pre-match to explain why he’s left them out? Nope, of course not, he hasn’t got enough time.

“Sausage sandwich” man under DC would also be non-league by now. He certainly wouldn’t have got the arm round his shoulders and the same level
of encouragement Smith gave him. I’m guessing that was Paterson.


Agree with others what a great man Manager he is…if only he had stayed another 6 months!! To think some on here berated him for years!!!
I also think the player was Paterson.


Can we send this on to Clarke and Pomlett!!! Now that is a truly professional man manager.

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Echo what was said above the fact that Smith had to tell Bonser how to run the football side of the business and that he had to pitch his ideas to the board just proves how far out of touch they really are.


Quality manager, top bloke and responsible for us playing some of the best football for years and years. Unbelievable how some people couldn’t see how he was developing a culture of success at the club but then again, some fans berated Romaine and criticised Neil Etheridge for his distribution??


Fantastic insight and highlights exactly what a lot of us have suspected, that Smith was the sole driving force behind the ‘football philosophy’ that our Board were so happy to push as their own initiative for so long.

It’s no surprise that since Smith left our Board have pretty much got every single footballing decision wrong. Without Smith’s intervention in the first-half of the decade, I’m pretty sure we’d already be occupying a spot in non-league.

I’ve said it many times before, but until we can get a manager who is capable of driving a whole-club philosophy we desperately need to appoint a Football Director to help us create an identity again.


Really insightful and backs up what a lot of us suspected. Smith and Clarke seem like chalk and cheese. I know who I’d rather play for.

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And to think of all the brainboxes on here that wanted this great manager out (including UTS’ Mr Arrogant). Worked wonders wherever he has gone and is nowhere near finished yet!

This club would have landed in League 2 a good 3-6 years before it did if it wasn’t for the work of this bloke, make no mistake.


It’s very informative - and shows just why Dean is managing in the Premiership now. We need to be careful that we don’t watch this and use it as evidence to beat Clarke with. It took a long time for Dean Smith to build this culture, and there were many times when it looked hopeless - and it’s only because of persistence from him and patience from his employer that it worked. We need to make sure patience and persistence continues if the current regime is to eventually prosper. We mustn’t use the expectation that we all felt when the new owner replaced the pantomime villain-esque former owner as the benchmark by which we measure our success this season.


Lets not forget the exact same board still exist today under Pomlett so can much really change the way things are?


Still the same board and people think things have changed.

Sack the board, not the manager.


:100:, the club is screaming out for new direction from the top.

Just shows how inept our board are and more strikingly, how much JB didn’t give a damn.

Wonder if @Gensanx123 knew his mate cut the budget by 400k over 2 years?