Deano up for L1 Manager of the Month

Well deserved. Should win it too.

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Well tha’ll be the kiss of death if he wins…:grinning:

Steve Evans will win, too difficult for the dimwits deciding the winners who barely pay attention to actual achievement passed key differentiators. Evans won all his League games in August, whereas the others drew at least one. That’ll clinch it.

Hopefully their kiss of death.

Agree, seems to be zero subtext in their criteria (time at the club, change in fortunes, budget etc) - just base statistical data.

Posh played 7 games, won 6, lost one. Saddlers played 8 games, won 6, drew 2 (albeit lost on pens in one of them) therefore clearly a better record.

By my count Walsall played 7 games, winning 5 and drawing 2. Wins were against Plymouth Argyle, Tranmere Rovers, AFC Wimbledon, Gillingham and Rochdale. Draws with Scunthorpe and Macclesfield Town. (Subject to PINNACLE’s verification, of course).

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Yes, got a bit over excited and counted both our’s and Posh’s 1st round cup game twice :roll_eyes:

Still a better record, either way you cut it as we are unbeaten

If the aim is to promote the image, they might not be too keen to reward a manager a few days after he got a red card.

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Don’t want him to win it yet - let’s not curse the good run with a recognition award just yet (albeit he deserves it of course!)

Surprise :face_with_monocle:

Let’s hope this means Southend will hammer them tomorrow

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