Dear Mr. Pomlett

Mr Pomlett was asked, at the meeting, how long he would stick with Clarke if we had a poor start to the season. The answer was (among some shock that anyone was even considering a poor start) that he would give Clarke a LONG time to sort things out.

That is fine but how bad a start to the season is bad? 800 minutes without a win. 350 minutes without a goal. Who would bet a sizeable amount for either of them changing any time soon?

I was extremely happy with the appointment of DC and have so far been patient with the belief things will soon change. I’m still not calling for his head (nowhere near yet). However things REALLY need to change FAST.


At the moment, we’re not being routed by anyone, so I’m not fretting yet.
I think that if a rout occurs shortly, everyone will run out of honeymoon goodwill.
Conversely, a couple of wins (and we have some winnable games coming) and all will be well.
The more I see and hear, the more I think I’m in September 1990.
I just wished I looked and felt like I was in September 1990.


I hope that Mr Pomlett is not going to read this thread, much of it would be very dispiriting for him. In the unlikely event that he does then I hope that he will ignore all the nonsense, but perhaps I could make one request to him.

Dear Mr Pomlett,

Thank you so much for buying out Jeff Bonser and here’s hoping for a long a successful ownership.

Could you please ask Darrell Clarke to reconsider his policy of playing defensive players in attacking midfield positions? For example Liam Kinsella is our best defensive midfielder, the ideal replacement for Adam Chambers, but he is not a good winger. Our side is totally lacking in creativity, flair, skill and goals. Playing too many defenders high up the pitch is the main cause of this.

Yours sincerely,



Very bad would be bottom 2 surely, that could happen as early as 9.45pm Tuesday. If not then Saturday.

I do think the team will pick up soon. It’s not that bad for this level imo but if you don’t have enough quality in the final third it’s going to be a struggle to win games in any division and that’s a big problem currently.