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It gives us. all at Issa. Great pleasure to announce our latest community. Project

In conjunction with the LMRCA railway club. And one of our commercial partners pyramid construction, and health professionals from within the borough, we will shortly be launching a dementia cafe up at the railway club

We will be offering. An area within the club That we hope. will provide a much needed facility. To some of those suffering or dealing with this terrible illness Whilst hopefully relieving some of the pressure that. they And there families are under. In dealing. With there or there loved ones illness

We want to create. A safe and welcoming place that. People can attend and find the help and support they need , And after hours of. talks with. Health professionals involved. In this field. The idea of a football related Dementia. cafe was born

Our link with the LMRCA provided the perfect place. To launch such a project. And after inviting health professionals down to view the facilities availible. The idea. Is soon to become a reality

Plans are wel,Under way in regards to transforming the area we have in mind. But as always we. Will require a little help. To realise our ambitions and this is where we ask for any help you guys may be able to to give us An hand. with

We are looking for. Any football related memorabilia. You may be able to donate. Walsall, fc. Stuff most welcome. But. Books. Framed pictures mirrors etc. Will also be gratefully recieved.

Also if you feel you can donate a pound or two to go towards the redecoration of the room again this will be most. Welcomed

Again if there are any local company’s who want to be part of this please get in touch ,

We as a supporters group want to make a difference and give something back to the. Community and will continue to do so And it’s a pleasure for us to be able to try and help. Those less fortunate than ourselves

For. those wanting to donate. Items or make a financial donation. Please get in touch via pm


Superb effort, well done to all involved