Despite everything

…. i love the Saddlers .

Almost 45 years for me now and my first thought about the weekend is still who we are playing and how am I going to follow / watch .

It’s in the blood .

I know we are at a low ebb but let’s stick together and we will come through it .

The passion required to support us is something most Premier League fans can’t understand. It’s not a choice , it’s a calling .

The loyalty it requires makes me the good moments not just good but unreal . Better than winning a cup for Chelsea/ Man City fans who are spoilt with success .

What I am saying is that yes it’s tough at the moment but let’s take a second and be proud that we are all here going through the tough together , loyal and resolute .

Those magic moments will always come around no matter what …


ps yes I’ve had a beer but I believe the above stands :slight_smile:



I think you’ve had more than you should of Ken, time for bed for you young man … :joy:


Summerfield at Anfield

Rambo at the Albion and Wolves

Marsh v Oldham

Boli overhead kick

Dobbo v Northampton

You know they were magic - just from the top of my head :slight_smile:


Look on the bright side, we might not lose tomorrow.

The game might be called off.


The way things are …would be another magic moment :joy:

I hardly ever use the site any other way :joy: :wink:

You’ve forgotten the buck and Bernie the bolt
Putting Man U to the sword - and Georgie andrews sending Newcastle home with their tails between their legs….

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Thought you were a JD or Souther Comfort man?

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Not JD really, i did like the fire and the honey for a time, Southern comfort is beautiful :heart_eyes: and i have since found Howler head which is AMAZING :star_struck:
But i tend to start the night with a cheeky lager topped up with a little Henry Weston’s vintage
Only about 3 pints, i am usually full by then, and tend to go for one of the above, as long as it is not a weekday :wink:


One of the few posts I’ve read in the last week or two that I’ve enjoyed reading :clap:


You need the rough times to appreciate the good ones.

Brilliant post.


Love that.

Love WFC.

Love you load of rascals.


You’ve missed out DJTs hat trick at Alfreton Town that started the 2023 great turn around on the road to Wembley in May 24

We’ve got this


January last year. That DJ goal at Stockport and the Williams pen. ‘Don’t place it! Whale the f****r!’ UTS.


Liked your post but I dislike this bit. Most Premier league fans are just like Walsall fans and many have had it just as shit if not shitter, they just support their team and not Walsall. Examples from the current lot. Luton, non league for several seasons as recently as 8 seasons ago, Bournemouth perenially shit for decades, boasting a two sided ground when we visited in 2001 and the butt of our chairmans jibe as were Luton. Burnley, needed a last day result to survive relegation to nonleague as did Brighton, Man City music hall joke of a club for two decades during which time we finished above them in the third tier. Wolves, another 2 sided ground, regular 2 and 3k gates, hammered by Chorley en route to the fourth tier. Brentford …see Bournemouth. Sheffield United, a club we once relegated to the fourth tier on their own ground. And what of some staple ex prem clubs?? Oldham, Barnsley, Portsmouth, Derby, Swindon, Bradford, Wigan, Reading, Bolton, Coventry, Ipswich, Sunderland, and likely many others I cant remember. Swansea and Cardiff another pair of erstwhile joke clubs we used to to thrash for fun not that long ago. I think most fans of most football clubs understand what “its all about”, and just for the record, literally, the game I’ve attended with the greatest number of non supporting hangers on and football tourists was our day at Wembley, and Old Trafford under BFJ wasn’t far behind.


And despite everything
May we be deserving
And so forever remains
That change from G to Eminor

Was that the last time we scored a penalty, bar shoot outs?

And who remembers this?,vid:5HScApNtMPs,st:0


Remember it well. Strange night in many ways.

Those early few weeks of that season where we thought we could compete.

Alex Taylor’s injury a few weeks after this put paid to that.

Remember it well - my Dad was away on business so probably the first game I went to on my own. When I was with my Dad we always went in the cowsheds, but as I was flying solo I went in the terrace below the main stand.

I distinctly remember buying a Walsall scarf outside the ground, and the whole night was made sweeter because my best friend at school was a Blues fan. I waited at the school gates the following morning to exercise ’ maximum gloating’ - but he bunked off to avoid the embarrassment of having to face me!

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