Did You Know

Not sure if anyone has linked to it before, and I’ve not read all the 34 topics to see if there are any others, but we get a couple of mentions in the Abandoned Matches section:


I was at FP for the the second Charlton game (as a thirteen year old) to see the footballing gods conspire against us and heartbreak of relegation. I missed the 1894 game, though!

I might have missed it in the linked article, but would have thought our FA Cup replay at Burnley was worth a mention. Playing them off the park and leading 1-0, the lights went out at half time (as I recall) never to come back on again. Mutterings of dark deeds there were - rumours that someone had pulled the plug, but eventually we were magnanimous in defeat both on the pitch, in the rearranged game (again), and off it as the FA cleared Burnley of any misconduct (cough!). Worse still, we missed out on a third round trip to Anfield (£££££ !) which was the prize we were playing for on the night.

If and when we get to play them again, we should make the point by lighting up Turf Moor with our mobile phone torches!

Was at the 2nd replay and always remember someone giving me a free ticket as I walked towards the turnstiles. Didn’t we lose on penalties? Trying to remember whether Chris marsh missed one or ended up in goal .I seem to mix memories up from old games for some reason.

Yes! According to the records we lost 4-2 on pens after drawing 1-1 after extra time.