Digital Advertising Boards

After watching Gillingham game on TV today I saw they had digital advertising boards around the pitch and they are not the only league 2 club to do so.

Walsall should maybe look at this as an extra income for the club?

I think this was the reason why our home game in the fa cup against Leicester wasn’t chosen, remember reading that somewhere. We need to look at this as it makes a difference for all home games and especially if we get good home draws in cup games.

I agree we should have them but I remember reading our ground was too small to enable them to be installed?

I reckon we would have to takeout a row of seats to facilitate the electric signs

Can’t see the point of it,the income we get from advertising round the ground must be a tiny amount comparatively speaking, it would cost thousands to put digital advertising boards round the ground. If we’re going to spend on anything surely the antiquated floodlights need upgrading.

They didn’t execute it very well
They couldn’t spell Bovril :smile::wink:


Yeah I thought the same when I saw it. Also gave them the opportunity to advertise what was on at The Factory which is basically their version of The Locker after the game, something we could do.


We seem to be behind the curve on this. So we may lose a row or 2 of seats in the stadium that usually operates at < 50% of capacity so the reurn on investment would be more or less instant and the fans wouldnt be staring at the same old Ray Gray advert week in week out


I’d suggest that the digital advertising board that faces the M6 brings much more revenue to the club than perimeter advertising ever will. There’s no real point in making a large investment in something that will only be seen once every 2 weeks.
Now, if Aston Villa wanted it installed for their wenches matches then let them make the investment…


The downside to that is that the smaller business who may wish to advertise couldnt afford the cost of the advertising to the M6 wheres as they would probably justigy the cost of a few 30 second slots to reach potentially 4-5k local customers and can also serve the club to advise on offers in the shop, forthcoming attractions in the stadium suite etc and what entertainment is on in the Locker if ever we manage to put some on. The same offfer could be made when the Villa ladies play. The adverts I have seen watching other League 2 ground that have perimeter advertising have always got some thing on them that someone is paying for and teh adverts are more or less 50% larger local businesses and 50% smaller local businesses.

Digital advertising is the 21st Century way of advertising at football grounds whilst the club is stuck 50 years behind with 1970s analog methods

If you watched the Gillingham game yesterday they have them, plenty of adverts on show throughout the match and their ground capacity and the average attendance is similar to those found in WS1

Think the main issue is the distance from the wall to the touchline on the family stand side, its already tight. You wouldn’t be able to put it flush to the wall, access to back and cable runs would push them out at least 6", then the height would not able to be much above the height of the wall, restricted view for wheelchair users.
Would have to narrow the pitch, only joking, knocking the wall down, took nearly 4 hours to cut the gap in the wall in the home end, would raise other issues as well.

What if we ran some ABOVE the stands? as long as it didn’t restrict fans view and it was above the stand rather than hanging down i think it would work


Can i just add into this that our scoreboard is pathetic.

Why is the score and clock in tiny details in the corner, im a blind ol mucker i need it to be larger :joy:

Why do we need a screen to show a large badge of the club we all know we are watching, because we are literally sat inside of it.


Call me a luddite, but I think they are way too bright and distracting. I’m glad the Bescot doesn’t have them.

I want to watch football, not be bombarded with advertising.



I agree though, not needed unless your on the tv every week and you can earn more by rotating adds.


Is there any way of us charging for advertising by liveried vehicles driving passed the ground on the M6? I ask this as someone who spent most of my time in the last few months of my attendance at games watching the traffic.

Careful now, you’ll have the just stop oil brigade invading the pitch😁

I agree with that. The boards at Gillingham were the wall they were 6 inches thick and stand alone, so i’d imagine there is a solution, it’s just cost v income and if it’s worth it.

If i had paid for a advertising board in front of the fellows stand I would not have been happy that the rolled up frost covers have stopped anyone seeing them in recent weeks.

Try draping a flag over the advertising and you’ll be told to move it straight away.