I’ve seen a suggestion about watching a game as a group sort of like a zoom call and thought I’d try out creating a discord group for Walsall fans for this purpose.

You can video/voice chat whilst streaming - possibly with a link to donate to the club, chat in various text channels and has updated feeds to the YouTube and twitter channels.

Appreciate a lot won’t be familiar with discord so if you would like any more information, please ask. Link is below if you would like to try it out, it’s very much in its early stages so any comments to make it better would be appreciated. You will need to create an account to join.

This idea may not be required with various other methods of communicating available but thought I’d try it as I have discord groups for other things and it’s a good application once you get the hang of it. Feel free to delete this post if you feel I’m stepping on UTS forums toes.

Those that frequent Slightly Off Topic will be all too familiar :wink:


:grin: there’s a seperate channel for that kind of discussion in the server, all too familiar!


Virtual tag wrestling showdown… Matt & Thanatos v Geordie & Andy P… Live on iFollow! £10! Bargain!! All proceeds to the club!! All entrants will be entered into a draw for a signed jockstrap of their choice. Not to be missed!


Where do I sign up

On the club website 8 am tomorrow morning apparently!

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Or ring Laura in the ticket office for details … :wink: :joy:

I’m already in the process of greasing up. Photos are available upon request - for a modest fee. :grinning:


Do you pay us?


Have to admit I’m disappointed with the level of interest.

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Where there is discord, may we bring harmony.

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Amen to that…

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Sadly off I see due to irreconcilable differences over whether masks should or should not be worn for the bout!

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Matt could be Kendo Nagasaki!

But would Dave be Giant Haystacks or Big Daddy? :thinking: