Diversity survey

Has anyone else received an email for this? The questions about your gender and health conditions seem a bit intrusive to me. I wondered if it was a scam.

I had one

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Me too

I’ve had one but won’t be bothering.

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I have had one and completed some of it.

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I’ve filled in less detail for a medical appointment. Why do they need to know such detail about your health conditions?

Presumably so they can show how many disabled fans they have.

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Could maybe looking at doing alterations around the ground to help fans who have issues such as mobility and sensory ?


Possibly, a few months ago some hand rails appeared on the end of some aisle seats in the Upper Tier so maybe this survey is part of finding out what more of this type of work is wanted or needed in and around the ground?

We’ll need defibrillators if we need a win in our final game to get into the play offs


I wish they would sort out the sound system in the family stand. It is impossible to understand what is being said. I’ve asked people around me and none of them can understand it. It’s such a shame when they have guests on the pitch as you have no idea who it is.

We could be trying to improve our ESG rating. Perhaps to entice further investors. :thinking:

Maybe we will end up with a third set of bogs?
I’m hoping that as I identified as Irish, I might get invited onto the Walsall / Drogheda cultural exchange working party :smile:

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It’s like Google I’m guessing, to do with tax regime. :wink:

Oh you cynic you. Actually from January I pay my taxes to the Spanish government

Wil that mean a name change to El Phegor :laughing:


Just Belfegor I think…

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I pay my Tax to the UK, US and Bulgarian government, the the UK government say we’re gonna charge you more Tax on what you’ve payed them so gonna change my named to Non Dom.