DK hopeful on new striker



That’s good to know… let’s just hope it’s a player of quality. Norwood will do for me.



Not a ringing endorsement of Ferrier or Gordon.

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James Norwood is the ideal option but there is no way we’ll get him. They’ll demand a hefty fee.

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Yeah apparently it is a loan as well so I am imagining a Premier League kid.



For me we need a Jo Kuffour kinda striker. A little ■■■■ with speed and agility who doesn’t give defenders a second on the ball.



Maybe Bonser would consider opening the purse strings to allow it if he’s beginning to feel the unrest building again amongst the supporters and has been tipped off by Gamble & Mole , we can only hope



Understand he’s been injured but I thought it was interesting that Keates made the point that Ferrier didn’t travel and instead trained with the kids



Can we really afford to get anymore strikers in…what a waste of money…we’ve got Gordon,Ferrier and Cook…I would rather they make do till the end of the season…then get rid of the players Keates doesn’t want…and only then spend any spare money on players.



When you’re playing with two strikers up front and one gets injured, it starts to make the available striking options very thin on the ground. For example if Gordon picks up a knock at the same time as Ferrier, Cook will be partnering Candlin, or Keates will have to change his system. Makes sense to get that fourth viable option, imo.



I would guess that we will offload a couple of players, the likes of Morris aren’t getting any game time and Ismael looks half the player he was at the beginning of the season…



Good thinking from DK…a good second striker would help a lot. We won’t see the best of Ferrier and gordon until next season in my view.

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Is Gordon a striker? He doesn’t look to have the anticipation and goalscoring instinct that a striker should have - he’s very rarely in the right place at the right time. I think he’s more of a wide-man who will work hard up and down the pitch. I definitely think we need a new striker, someone who has a striker’s instinct - I had hoped that would be Candlin but he looks like another youth prospect that won’t make the grade.



Pleasantly surprised by this, although as others point out, we have a fair bit of budget tied up in Gordon, Ferrier and now Candlin.

Think I’d prefer Morris Ismail and Kouyar moved out for others coming in to run the wing, especially as Devlin is currently keeping all those out of the side.

Has Tyrese Campbell of Stoke gone anywhere yet?

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Gordon is a strange signing to be honest. He thrives on in and around the opponents box with the ball on the floor, yet we are set up to play long ball to Cook and he picks up the scraps or wingers putting crosses into the box. Neither of these style of plays is particularly what Gordon is used to so he will need either: a) time to adapt to this style of play and work on the training ground or b) our game adapted to suit him (hard to see with Cook being so effective).



I think Campbell has started Stoke’s last two games (league and Cup) so I don’t think we’ll be in with a chance there unfortunately.

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We definitely need someone who can share the goal scoring responsibility with Cook and form a genuine partnership.Early on in
the season Ferrier absolutely looked as if he could be that person and we should not give up on him.Gordon runs around a lot and gives good energy but he is not at present a natural goal scorer and there is no real sign of good link up play between him and Cook.
Talking of Cook we should be offering him an improved and extended contract before we committed the last of any budget to a new striker otherwise this time next year we will be looking at an Etheridge or Otzhumer situation where a player who can have a free in the summer refuses to sign a new contract.

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If as it’s rumored we’re getting a young striker from a prem club then we won’t be paying much towards his wages. We’re close to paying nowt for Jarvis.



Gamble is reported to have said contract talks will start soon.

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… and with Walsall’s wage structure will probably finish 5 minutes later :wink: